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Some of our most-frequently-accessed information is just a click away from this front page. This page features our latest and most-popular website links, for your convenience.

IPMA-USA Vision: A world in which all projects succeed!

Program & Project Manager Certifications

ICB CoverWe offer the USA's only role-based, PPM competence-led certifications, assessed by professional assessors. We also offer exam-based certification. See our range of basic to Advanced PM certification offerings.

Evaluate Your Project/Program Management Complexity. Which Advanced Project and Program Certifications do your initiatives require?

Download ICB4, IPMA's Individual Competence Baseline. ICB4 shows the path from Knowledge, to Competence, to Certification, and PM Performance.

Education (Learning)

Competence Enabler logoSee our Competence Enabler (CE) program. Participants can offer their services as coaches, trainers, consultants, or PRO Assessors! Can you CE me now?

And, check out PM-SAT, our Self-Assessment Tool for PM Competences. Explore how your PM competences meet our standard.


Performance Rated Organization logo

In addition to our unique advanced certifications for program and project managers, we also offer PRO, our Performance Rated Organization standard; click the PRO logo at right to visit our PRO section.

PRO is an organizational performance assessment standard. This process can help you benchmark to other organization, or  provides an action plan to improve PM performance. Download PRO; wouldn't you rather be served by a PRO?

News and Media

Newsletters: IPMA-USA’s Latest Newsletters
Articles: See Our Best of IPMA-USA; now over 100 Articles!

Recent Articles:


2016 IPMA-USA Dialogue Webinar Series!
Dialogue Webinar logoBased on our Member Survey, our webinars are among our most-preferred activities. We really look forward to our 2016 webinars:

For completed events, and next-event details, see our 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series page!

April Events Follow-up

And, our recently-completed Project Excellence Awards training, and Globalized Project Management Competence conference were smash successes! Watch for the follow-up report. Thanks to Meg Infiorati, Thomas Baumann, and the IPMA Awards team for such great events!

IPMA-USA Blogs and Social Networks

Blogs: See our Blog, Change Agents
Social Networks: Our Linked-In Group; and, our Facebook page!

About IPMA

IPMA Arrows IPMA, the International Project Management Assocation, is the World's first project management association, founded in 1965. IPMA is a federation of independent National Member Associations, representing over 60 countries. Our unique Federation structure allows us to collaborate as a true Global organization, while serving local needs. You receive two memberships in one: When you join IPMA-USA, you are also a member of IPMA!

Fact: IPMA's prior name was INTERNET, some 16 years before the connected World decided our name was a "keeper."

*In all media, we show our IPMA-USA brand, and, legally, we are still the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management.