State of Our Society, January 2010

PM Commentary by Stacy Goff

The Roman god Janus had a distinguishing feature. He had two faces. No, he wasn’t a dishonest politician! But he was called the god of Gates. Of his faces, one looked back, to learn and apply the lessons of the past. The other looked ahead, to understand the portents of what is to come. We have used that insight in many classes, when we discuss the importance of phase-ending reviews looking at accomplishments and lessons, and then re-estimating and re-planning the next stages or phases, based on what we have learned.

So, we will follow that wise practice here.

The last year has seen the culmination of many years’ efforts, with significant achievements, based on the efforts of many volunteer members. Of special note are the following:

  • Completion and immediate availability of IPMA-USA’s long-planned suite of PM Certifications, by Duncan and his Certification Board
  • Completion of the PRO Standard, by a stellar team of experienced organizational performance improvement “bright lights”, led by Tim Jaques
  • Implementation of a major update of IPMA-USA’s website, inspired by VP Richard Toledo
  • Moving to monthly newsletters, while significantly increasing the number of articles on our site
  • Doubling of activity and members on our Members Only Site
  • Introduction of blogs by Duncan and Goff
  • Plus many more, that followers of our newsletter have noted.

I’d like to point out some key aspects of the above achievements, then do a look-ahead at this new year. By the way, starting as an Assembler Language programmer, where you begin counting at zero, I consider 2010 to be the beginning of a decade, although I’m told it is still the ending year of the last one. We shall save that for next year, when we do a 2020 Vision.

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A PROfessional Way to Assess and Improve PM Performance, part 2

PM Commentary by Stacy Goff

In Part 1 of this introduction of PRO, we discussed the differences between classic PM Maturity Models and PRO; in this Part 2, we acknowledge the contributions of the PRO project team, and the insights we gained from other Models.

The PRO Team
What is the source of all these insights, that produced such an innovative organizational performance assessment in project and program management? Our answer: It is the volunteer team of experienced PM consultants, savvy PM practitioners with vast experience in multiple organizations, organizational maturity model assessors, and Management Consultants. For example, the original model was the inspiration of the same William Duncan who changed PM around the World with his multi-year effort leading the development of PMBOK® Guide, 1st edition. He now serves as architect for our tool and process that has the potential to do even more for organizations than his 1990’s effort did for individual practitioners. A key point: One of our early research findings was that the best Organizational Assessment models are led by single-minded vision, rather than the compromises of a random committee.

But wait, there’s more, as they say. Tim Jaques is a partner and consultant with Line of Sight, LLC, specializing in Government PM. Tim is the IPMA-USA Director of Standards, and the Project Manager for PRO. Tom Mochal, of the popular PM Consultancy TenStep, currently performs Assessments, and contributed greatly to PRO. He says he will be among the first to offer it to his customers. Brent Hansen, Scott Freauf and Nigel Blampied have “real jobs”, and gave us the perspective of the corporations and government agencies that will benefit from PRO. They are all long-term, experienced Project Managers, and have served in many other notable PM Standards.

Dennis Milroy brought years of experience in the Military, another targeted beneficiary of improved PM Performance. Matt Piazza has a passion for the topic, but could not directly participate. So he built and managed the collaborative infrastructure we needed to get the project rolling. And, what if we offered a Standard, and no one showed up? Dino Eliadis, a Management Consultant with Marketing Expertise, has kept us focused on the business need, the customer focus, and the marketability/manageability of our efforts.

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