Director of Standards

Major Responsibilities
1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Assures that IPMA-USA Standards development activities are aligned with the society’s strategic goals and plans.
3. Plans and execute activities in accordance with the Standards budget.
4. Coordinates Standards development with other professional associations.
5. Represents IPMA-USA on Standards matters with other professional associations.
6. Ensures that Standards development activities are conducted in a professional manner.
7. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Develops annual plans to guide Standards development activities.
2. Contributes to the strategic plan for Standards activities and long-term goals.
3. Manages IPMA-USA’s Standards program, to include recruiting volunteers and appointing project managers.
4. Establishes and appoints members to the Standards Project Team.
5. Develops policies and procedures for development and maintenance of Standards.
6. Manages the Standards section of the IPMA-USA website.
7. Coordinates Standards development activities with other Directors and interested parties, as necessary.
8. Reports progress and status on Standards development activities to the Board of Directors at meetings, or as required.
9. Promotes the IPMA-USA Standards program in the PM community, and to industry and government executives.

Term Of Office: November 2013 – June 2015

Director of Standards Candidate(s) for Office, 2015-2018

 Meg Infiorati is serving as Director of Standards.