Recording Secretary

Major Responsibilities

1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Keeps legal account of each meeting or activity.
3. Maintains records of past meetings, including the indexing of discussion topics. This involves noting amendments to previous minutes, reports of general matters and proposals under discussion.
4. Maintains the official records of activities such as meeting minutes, decisions of the Board, correspondence with governmental agencies, and intersociety agreements.
5. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Participates in all Board meetings.
2. Serves as a Voting member of the IPMA-USA Governance team.
3. Publishes notices of Board of Director Meetings, then performs or oversees the recording of the meetings and preparation of the Minutes.
4. Posts summaries of board actions in the Members Only section of the website.
5. Corresponds with members, organizations, and individuals to provide and obtain information.
6. Maintains the IPMA-USA records and files.

Term Of Office: July 2016-June 2019

Currently Serving, Recording Secretary (This is a new role for IPMA-USA)