Student Certificate in Project Management (SCiPM)

Overview: The Student Certificate in Project Management (SCiPM) represents the opportunity for students to gain a societal certificate in entry level knowledge of project management. It is a unique venture between the US affiliate of the International Project management Association (IPMA) and universities offering significant coursework related to the discipline of project management.

The primary reason for the exam is to offer students an opportunity to show grasp of the project management discipline to potential employers and lay a professional foundation for continued studies and advanced certification.

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, uses SCiPMCertificate: SCiPM certifies that the student completed a rigorous course of study in project management. It is designed to show employers and peers that the student learned the basics of project management, is ready to participate productively on a project, and is ready to gain experience and advanced knowledge in the field. SCiPM is a joint certification by IPMA-USA and the examining university. Due to the nature of being a student certificate, the duration of certification is three years and is not renewable, the intent being any student entering the field of project management will advance to higher levels of certification with IPMA-USA, PMI®, or other organizations.

Certificate qualification requirements: Requirements are established in part by IPMA-USA and in part by the partner university. IPMA-USA requires membership in IPMA-USA and completion of a multiple choice examination to a set standards. The partner university establishes its own standards for certification, which may include completion of a set of course, grade attainment in project management classes, or additions to the standardized exam. The idea is that IPMA-USA certifies that the student has essential knowledge in project management, and the campus establishes a level of background requirements appropriate for their students and placement practices. This allows context and depth to vary according to the objectives associated with the project management focus of the curriculum, but still maintains minimum knowledge requirements.

IPMA-USA responsibilities: IPMA-USA will provide a standardized (multiple choice) exam yearly with answers and required score for passage. Each campus may modify the exam only to the extent of substituting terminology that may vary according to context and textbooks. The standard exam covers basic project management concepts in depth, and is targeted to covering technical and behavioral competences of the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4). Students passing the exam are placed on the IPMA-USA website so that employers may verify the certificate. Student members are verified by IPMA-USA and membership dues are collected by IPMA-USA.

Campus responsibilities: Each campus administers the examination, assures the security of the exam, and sends the results of the exam to the IPMA-USA office. Each campus collects examination fees and distributes the portion to IPMA-USA. The campus prints and distributes any desired hardcopy certificates that signify the certificate as a joint award from IPMA-USA and the campus. No formal contracts are required.

We list current awardees of SCiPM here.

To administer SCiPM in your institution contact our Director of Education.