The Level B Exam Process

Examination ProcessAfter completing the Application Process, candidates for IPMA Level B, Certified Senior Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager, will be assigned a venue (date and location) for their exam based on the preferences in their application.

The Level B Exam is an oral exam designed to verify the candidate's experience managing situations often faced in complex projects, programs, or portfolios. The questions are different for each domain.

The exam consists of 8 questions answered in 90 minutes.

Candidates do not receive a grade on their exam: their responses are given to the Assessors who have been assigned to evaluate their competence. Their assessors, each of whom is a Certified Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager, use the exam responses as input to the candidate’s competence assessment.

Accommodations can be made for candidates with language, learning, or test-taking issues.

You can download your application and its supporting documents here: Application Downloads.

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If you have questions, please contact certification applications.