WHAT Certification Level Is Right for You?

IPMA certification levelsIPMA-USA's advanced, performance-based certifications are for experienced project, program, and portfolio managers.

The information on this page should help you determine which level of certification in IPMA's Four Level Certification (4-L-C) System is right for you:

Use the table below to help answer the question, What IPMA Certification is right for you? Click any certification (e.g.: IPMA Level A®) to learn more about that level.

What Certification Level?

If you are … Consider … Prerequisites Typical job titles
An experienced senior manager in a project-oriented enterprise, a program manager, or a manager of project managers Certified Project, Program, or Portfolio Director,
IPMA Level A®
3 years managing high-complexity programs, and 2 years managing moderate-to-high complexity programs, and 2 years managing moderate-to-high complexity projects Vice President, Client Manager, Operations VP, Senior Program Manager, Program Manager
An experienced senior project, program, or portfolio manager Certified Senior Project, Program, or Portfolio Manager,
IPMA Level B®
3 years managing high-complexity projects, and 2 years managing moderate-to-high complexity projects Senior Project Manager, Project Manager, PMO Consultant
An experienced project manager Certified Project Manager, IPMA Level C® 3 years managing moderate complexity projects Project Manager, Project Lead, Deputy PM, Technical Lead
A project team member, a project specialist, someone new to projects or   project management, a recent graduate,  a newcomer to the discipline, or a practitioner in a PM-related discipline such as Architect, Engineer, Business Analyst, or Software Developer Certified Project Management Associate, IPMA Level D® 6 months project work recommended Team member, Junior PM, Technical Specialist, Scheduler, Team Leader, Project Engineer, Architect, Proposal Manager, Business Development Manager, Contract Manager
A holder of an existing IPMA certification that is expiring (IPMA certifications are valid for five years) Recertification See our Recertification Requirements and Process As appropriate for your existing certification level

Note that the IPMA Level D® certification is specifically oriented towards three audiences:
* Those who are beginning a career in projects and project management
* Those who work on projects as team members or Subject Matter Experts
* Those who need to cope with the challenges of organizational change

These audiences range from students to top executives.