About Our Change Agents Blog

This IPMA-USA Change Agents blog, now boasting 100 posts, is all about the purposes and practices of competent Program and Project Management—-the disciplines of beneficial change. Click here to bypass this introduction, and to see all the posts.

That discipline of beneficial change may be for individuals, your organization, or for society. The purpose of this feature is to provide regular commentary-–and the opportunity to discuss (perhaps debate) that commentary, for IPMA-USA members and friends.

Why might we need discussion, and perhaps debate? Because change is difficult. It breaks the status quo, fights inertia, and disrupts equilibrium. And all those factors increase the need for communication about the change; hopefully timely communication.

This feature of the IPMA-USA website is for opinions; much of the rest of the IPMA-USA site is for facts, knowledge acquisition, skill-building, competence development, and ultimately, PM Performance.

Because this section includes opinions, all statements are the positions of the individual authors, and not necessarily of IPMA-USA, or its officers.

duncan2And yet, this section may give you a perspective; a view of IPMA-USA that you might not otherwise be exposed to—-unless you have actually visited with us.

The us we mention above are IPMA-USA’s volunteers—we are a volunteer-driven association. In this blog series, you will encounter:

William Duncan, Operations Director of IPMA-USA’s PM Certification body. His blog posts are about advanced project management certification and generally address our certification offerings.

His emphasis is on advanced certifications that assess actual, on-the-job performance, although he will occasionally delve into topics related to Level D, our knowledge-based, entry level certification.

But wait, there’s more!

stacy-standingStacy Goff, past IPMA-USA president, and an IPMA Honorary Fellow, covers a range of subjects related to P4M (portfolio, program, project and personal) competence, performance, and business results.

Other contributors include Bob Youker, an IPMA-USA co-founder, and an IPMA-USA and IPMA Honorary Fellow, and other special guest authors.

Speaking of others, we do invite guest posts from IPMA-USA  members—be they informative, outrageous, or both.

For more opportunities to dialogue, don’t forget to visit IPMA-USA on Linked In—yet another place where IPMA-USA elicits your opinions.

IPMA-USA builds the Change Agents of tomorrow. Why do we say this? Because we have, we can, and we do!

With members ranging from young Project Managers to the experienced thought leaders of PM practice, we cover the gamut in pm practice. Our thrust is to improve the Performance Competence, and therefore the results, of Program and Project Managers, our initiatives, our stakeholders, and our organizations.

Our Certification Program, based on IPMA’s 4-L-C, Four-Level Certification program, is the envy of those who desire PM Certifications that use advanced assessments to verify Competence as the centerpiece of your PM Practice.

Our Competence Enabler program promotes PM Vendors who demonstrate the ability to contribute to the PM Performance of others. If you want better results, talk to our IPMA-USA Competence Enablers! Some even help PM consultants and other PM providers, helping them all to improve PM Performance.

About IPMA
International Project Management Association, the World’s first PM association, is a federation of National Associations, that serve locally, and collaborate globally. Our certifications and other offerings are recognized in over 60 other countries around the World, because of our alignment with the IPMA Family.