The 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series
January 20: Introducing the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline

Presenter: Meg E. Infiorati, PhD.

Project Excellence BaselineDr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards for IPMA-USA. will be leading this webinar on IPMA's new Project Excellence Baseline (PEB), recently released alongside the new ICB4 (Individual Competence Baseline). The PEB has several purposes in the IPMA world. For example, as an individual guide to delivering project excellence, the PEB supports an individual's ability to assess themselves and implement "excellence" processes and develop new innovative ideas and approaches.

Event Date: Completed January 20, 2016
To Register: This webinar is complete; it was GREAT! See the slide and video links below.

The topics we will discuss include:
- Main purpose of the project excellence baseline: to describe the concept of excellence in managing projects and programs
- Serves as a guide for organizations to achieve excellence in their projects and programmes.
- Derived from European and Global (e.g. USA's Baldridge Award) quality and assessment models.
- Complements two other IPMA Standards:
   ICB - Individual Competence Baseline
   OCB - Organizational Competence Baseline

Get your introduction to the Project Excellence Baseline in this January webinar; read more about the PEB and the IPMA Award programs at

Audience--This Dialogue Series Webinar is for:
* Project Managers who want to know what Project Excellence is all about--and how to develop it.
* PMO (Project Management Office) Managers who want smarter ways to evaluate projects and programs you support.
* Project Sponsors who know what Project Excellence should "feel like," but have difficulty achieving it.
* Portfolio Managers who expect increased business value--even Excellence, from all your project and program initiatives.
* Corporate Executives who need to learn more about the strengths of organizations that deliver Project Excellence.Project Excellence Award Assessors and Trainers,

Note: This webinar is a perfect first step for all those interested in IPMA Excellence Awards.
This January webinar will introduce potential applicants and award assessors to the use of the PEB in the 2016 IPMA Award cycle, set to begin in March, 2016, for projects, or project phases, completed through January 2016.

If you think you would like to be an award assessor, the April workshop is the only class available to take here in the US! The April 10-12 follow-on Training Workshop will provide you the knowledge required to participate in the Awards process, either as an Assessor or as an Award Applicant for your project.

About Our Presenter
Dr. Infiorati is currently an Organizational Psychologist, Consultant, Private Practitioner, and certified Mediator and IPMA Assessor/Trainer. She delivers customized seminars, lectures, and workshops on a variety of topics across the areas of leadership styles, personality types in effective teams, culture and its effects on organizations and projects, and conflict resolution. Having managed over 100 projects in her career, she has been an IPMA assessor for 6 years and is also a former founding member of the PMAN, Project Management Association of Nepal, where she was assigned for 5 years. Dr. Infiorati is very excited be presenting the updated Project Excellence Model and newly released PEB, which focuses more closely on the people involved in the project.

Event Materials
Adobe Acrobat pdf of the webinar slides;
Recording of this webinar session. (on YouTube)

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