Director of Marketing

Major Responsibilities
1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Assures that IPMA-USA Marketing activities are aligned with the society’s strategic goals and plans.
3. Plans and executes activities in accordance with the Marketing budget.
4. Coordinates Marketing activities with other affiliated professional associations, as required.
5. Represents IPMA-USA on Marketing matters with other professional associations.
6. Ensures that Marketing activities are conducted in a professional manner.
7. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Participates in Board meetings two or more times per year.
2. Contributes to the strategic plan for Marketing activities and long-term goals.
3. Works with the IPMA-USA Board on product (or service) strategy and pricing.
4. Performs competitive analysis and Market Research to determine Market needs, and recommend adjustments to the Board, where needed.
5. Creates and implements innovative communication programs that drive brand awareness, media/analyst coverage, and sales lead generation.
6. Develops annual plans and budget to guide Marketing activities.
7. Manages IPMA-USA’s Marketing program, to include establishing and appointing members to the Marketing team and recruiting volunteers for Marketing efforts.
8. Develops policies and procedures for the Marketing Program for the approval of the President.
9. Works with the Board and IPMA-USA members to increase society membership and benefits.
10. Presents to customers, sales personnel, and partners to gather feedback for product (or service) enhancements.
11. Generates leads, tracks and coordinates closure for all non-member interactions.
12. Coordinates Marketing activities with other Directors and interested parties, as necessary.
13. Performs Press Relations, including maintaining a Press Release mailing list and coordinating society interactions with the press.
14. Develops and maintains lists of key contacts at potential customers and partners, including Vendors, Professional Organizations, Companies, Government and Education.
15. Establishes and maintains a corporate/government board of advisors consisting of senior executives of project-oriented organizations for the purpose of monitoring market needs and providing a sounding board for IPMA-USA initiatives, such as Certification.
16. Quarterly, or as required, reports progress and status on Marketing activities to the Board of Directors and for the Society newsletter and website.