Director of Member Services

Major Responsibilities
1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Assures that IPMA-USA Member Services activities are aligned with the society’s strategic goals and plans.
3. Plans and execute activities in accordance with the Member Services budget.
4. Coordinates Member Services activities with other affiliated professional associations, as required.
5. Ensures that Member Services activities are conducted in a professional manner.
6. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Participates in Board meetings two or more times per year.
2. Develops annual plans and budget to guide Member Services activities.
3. Owns and maintains the Membership List, keep it current based on information from the Secretary-Treasurer. Example uses: Publishing the Newsletter; Voting.
4. Directs the writing, production and publishing of the newsletter to Members, and provides a version for Marketing to publish for non-members.
5. Establishes and maintains member engagement in IPMA-USA social media sites, inviting members, friends and associates to discuss topics germane to the PM discipline.
7. Responsible for soliciting useful and meaningful content in the Members Only Area of the IPMA-USA website.
8. Coordinates research, recommendation and provision of other Member Services, including (but not limited to) journals and magazines, the membership directory, a jobs board, and Awards Program.
9. Quarterly, or as required, reports progress and status on Member Services activities to the Board of Directors and for the Society newsletter and website.

Term Of Office: July 2013 – June 2016

Director of Member Services: John Colville