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Competence EnablerOur Competence Enabler (CE) program is a member service for savvy Project Management solution Vendors, and a convenience for our members and visitors. We call them Competence Enablers because they are aligned with our focus on PM Skills, Behavioral Attributes and Performance Competence development.

These consultants, educators and trainers can help you move beyond a knowledge-based exam focus to actually help you improve your Project Managers' development.

FREE Sign-up For Our Members
To increase participation in the Competence Enabler program, we make it free for our members. So, if you are an education, training, or consulting services provider, speaker, author, or pm-related products supplier, and are an IPMA-USA member, sign up now!

What Is A Competence Enabler?
Competence Enablers are IPMA-USA members who are Project, Program and Portfolio Management service organizations who can "Demonstrate the PM Performance Difference." They know the difference between merely sending people to training, and developing PM Performance Competence; between training and Learning; and, between the status quo and the discipline of effective organizational change.

Because this service is broader in its range of offerings than trainer registration programs, it will serve you well to carefully study the profiles and strengths of each of our Competence Enablers.

Competence Enablers can identify how their products, consulting services and training programs help support Project Manaqer and key project stakeholder career development, advanced Project Manager Certifications, and the individual Competence Elements or Groups of Elements individuals or Enterprises need.

If you are involved with Project Management performance in your Enterprise, and are seeking improved Project Manager competence in your organization, you need a Competence Enabler. Click here to find out more, and to browse our current Competence Enablers.

If you are a Project Management vendor who can span the gaps between knowledge, skills and competence, click here to enroll as a Competence Enabler.

Competence EnablersCompetence Enabler Sign-up Drive
Do you have a PM Vendor you'd recommend? Get them to join IPMA-USA, then point them to this page and help us turn them into Competence Enablers!

Disclaimer: Note that inclusion in our Competence Enabler program does not necessarily represent our endorsement of the services provided, just as with other registered vendor programs.