Corporate Membership/Chapter

Take your project teams to the next level by establishing an IPMA-USA Corporate Chapter!


An organization that supports its project professionals elevates the success of projects within their organization and benefits from improved organizational competence—which drives business results.

According to IPMA Research:

  • 19% of organizations deliver successful projects, at least most of the time
  • 44% are likely to deliver projects that meet the original goal and business intent
  • 30% are delivered on time and 36% on budget
  • 46% of projects are delivered with stakeholder satisfaction

With an organization-specific suite of professional resources, IPMA-USA Corporate Chapter connects your project professionals to the organization that exists to see a world where all projects succeed.

Some of the key competence areas for improvement for Project Managers are:

  • Leading change in the organization
  • Having difficult conversations and conflict management
  • Delegating authority effectively
  • Developing and applying lessons learned
  • Managing and adopting change
  • Project Communications

Our approach:

chapter process.png

We engage your organization and perform a needs analysis to determine what areas of growth and development are most needed and then work with you to meet these needs through workshops and training.  We then perform analysis to measure improvements that support further development.


Select the plan that is right for you and contact us to establish your chapter!

This chart for details about the IPMA Corporate Chapter packages offered, fees associated with joining and the business building resources included with each package.

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