IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow Award

The IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow award recognizes significant and extraordinary contributions to the practice of project and program management, and to the programs of IPMA-USA. Designation as an Honorary Fellow is the highest honor IPMA-USA bestows. Honorary Fellows are accomplished PM practitioners whose frequent and sustained contributions to our discipline have promoted the goals and activities of IPMA-USA.

Honorary Fellowship promotes excellence and leadership within IPMA-USA by recognizing high standards and extraordinary professional contributions. See the Eligibility, Selection Criteria, and Application process (pdf).

Lew IrelandDr. Lewis Ireland, IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow; awarded March, 2012

As the new millennium loomed in the late 1990s, Dr. Ireland worked with a handful of volunteers to form a fresh, practitioner-focused voice to advance the effectiveness of project management and program in the USA.

Under Lew’s guidance, we registered as a not-for-profit corporation in April 2001, and “opened for business” three months later on July 4th, 2001.

In October of that year, Lew became asapm's President, serving into 2009. During his 8 years as President, he steadfastly, humbly, and with great integrity helped us achieve our mission: To improve PM performance competence and advance our practice, in the USA, and in the rest of the world.

We especially thank Lew for guiding us in achieving membership in the International Project Management Association, IPMA, in 2004; for helping us to launch our multi-level, advanced PM certification program in 2005; and for his efforts in support of PRO, our Project Rated Organization standard, to assess organizational performance in project and program management.

In addition to his IPMA-USA achievements, Lew has continuously served the practice of effective project and program management for over 30 years, through other professional organizations, through his articles and books, and through his presentations around the World.

Dr. Lewis Ireland, IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow: A role model for integrity, competence, friendship, leadership, trust and results, in the practice of Project and Program Management.

Robert Robert Youker, IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow; awarded March, 2012

Long before helping found asapm, Bob Youker was the USA’s original IPMA member. He served as a Director of IPMA from 1977 through 1988.

Bob participated and presented in IPMA Conferences from 1974 through the 2000s. He presented keynotes at several of them, and organized panels and workshops in others.

Bob introduced IPMA into a dozen government agencies and businesses all over the World, and in many cases, connected those agencies and businesses with IPMA leaders.

Bob introduced and popularized innovations to the practice of project management, from his work in Xerox in the 1960s, to his leadership in the first manual project management planning and tracking tools (Planalog President, 1968-1974).

He published an early book on the Critical Path Method, Analysis Bar Charting, by John Mulvaney. To date, that book has sold more than 30,000 copies.

In his work for World Bank, Bob developed training that has benefited thousands of project and program managers and government officials, mostly in developing countries. He performed that training in over a dozen countries around the World over a 30 year period, and continues today, to help developing and developed nations.

As a founder of IPMA-USA, from our beginning, Bob insisted that we must align with IPMA.

To summarize, Robert “Bob” Youker has contributed massively to the practice of project and program management, to IPMA-USA, to IPMA, and to society. This is why we are pleased to announce that Bob Youker is an IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow