YC Award.jpgAstana, Kazakhstan, New York, USA - On September 6th the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and its global community, representing over 70 countries gathered at the 30th World Congress on project management.  The world congress is not complete without raising a toast to the leaders in the profession. The annual ranking stacks projects, its teams, and their leaders in a head-to-head competition to demonstrate who deserves the crown of global recognition for achieving excellence.

This competition is fierce. There are exceptional teams and professionals leading superb projects around the world. A nomination for this award is an achievement in of itself, but as Connor MacLeod would say "there can only be one." For years the US has not been able to stand out in any category in this competition. It is time to celebrate as this year we are proud to announce our first award recipient.  IPMA USA would like to congratulate Michael Rogers (featured on the right in the photo) for taking Bronze as "Young Project Manager of the Year." 

The Project Excellence Awards recognized projects and their teams. Projects that won came from Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, India, Nepal, China, Russia, and Indonesia. Project leaders, or project managers, arose from The Netherlands, Australia, China, and the USA.

The International Project Management Association-USA (IPMA-USA) is the United States Member of a federation of 68 member nations, who collaborate to promote the recognition of project management and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the profession.