See Our Social Networking Groups

Our Social Networking Groups

IPMA-USA LinkedIn GroupOur members (even  Board Members) are distributed all over the World, so we do much of our communication and collaboration using virtual tools.

For over six years, we have explored a range of collaborative tools, and narrowed our options to a handful. The one we use most is LinkedIn. See the familiar heading from our IPMA-USA group on LinkedIn, at right.

Collaboration Groups

IPMA-USA members and friends collaborate at LinkedIn in two areas, or groups:

  • We have an IPMA-USA LinkedIn group (click this link) that anyone can join, then use to engage in dialogue, or to review discussions. Don't just join this group, get involved! Comment on discussions; ask questions; speak your mind! To join this group, you should first be (signed up and) logged in to LinkedIn; then click the yellow Join button in the upper right corner of the page. We do prefer that you add your photograph to your LinkedIn profile, because project management is all about people.

  • We are also part of the IPMA Family LinkedIn group, that anyone can join, and where you can converse with global IPMA members. As part of your IPMA-USA membership, you are also an IPMA member, joining other members from over 57 member associations, all over the world. The IPMA group is similar to the IPMA-USA LinkedIn group, but with its variety of global members, you get quite a different impression of IPMA-USA’s relationship to IPMA. Note that the official IPMA group has the two red arrows for the logo; another group, that claims to be "official" is not. The IPMA LinkedIn group also asks you to post your photograph in your LinkedIn profile.

These groups require a LinkedIn account and login (no charge), and a Request to Join, with the group moderator approving your participation. Reminder: You do not need to be a member to participate in these groups; however, we'd welcome you to join us!

We also have FaceBook groups, as follows:

  • IPMA-USA on FaceBook, gives us all a different audience, and the ability to post media, photos, and other resources. Get engaged and involved with us on FaceBook!
  • The IPMA Family on FaceBook is the official site for our global association. You will see many different nations, cultural perspectives, and project challenges on this site.

After you have joined these groups, you can see all your LinkedIn groups by clicking, on the LinkedIn menu bar, Interests | Groups.

Additional Social Networking Groups

There are more IPMA-related social media groups that might interest you. They include:

Welcome to IPMA-USA! Please contact us if you need help joining one of these groups.