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IPMA-USA Intellectual Property Policy
The goal of the IPMA-USA Intellectual Property Policy is to promote and increase the exchange and development of information and technology in the field of Project Management. The means used by IPMA-USA to achieve this goal is by assuring that authors and other intellectual property owners retain the rights to their works; or, at your option, to place your information into the Public Domain through Creative Commons.

Intellectual Property Rights Overview
We believe that one of the foundations of knowledge sharing is authors' rights. Below are two options we use to reflect the rights of authors and other IPMA-USA Intellectual Property contributors.

  • Option A: Authors retain all rights to your intellectual property, and provide a Non-exclusive License to IPMA-USA, including rights to distribute enhancements and  derivatives, in different media. This is our most-frequently used option, and it helps you share your insights, while keeping your rights to your intellectual property. IPMA-USA has been the professional association leader in establishing and maintaining authors' rights.

  • Option B: Authors may, at your discretion, place your materials into the Public Domain, using a Creative Commons License. This allows others to use your works, with attribution. As part of advancing the practice of project management, IPMA-USA uses this option for our standards and many of our materials (where allowed by our contributors). 

See the sample License agreement for Option A.

IPMA-USA Publishing Process
We want to invite, coax, tempt, tease and prod you to write an article for our newsletter and website!

One reason for an association like ours to exist is that it provides a forum that people can use to further their professional growth. One of the easiest ways to further your own growth is to write about your experiences and ideas because doing so forces you to clarify your thinking so that others can benefit from your insights. That kind of effective communication is also a key in successfully managing projects and being a successful team member.

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