The 2010 Dialogue Series:
The Performance Rated Organization

Dialogue 1: PRO Overview: Organizational Performance in Project Management
Presenters: Dino Eliadis, Tim Jaques, Bill Duncan

We invite you to engage in a discussion about organizational performance in project management, by participating in the first webinar of the IPMA-USA Dialogue Series.

In this fast-paced webinar, authors of the recently-released Performance Rated Organization (PRO) standard engage you in a conversation about both organizational performance and how PRO offers you an effective path to project management improvement and organizational certification.

Unlike most other organizational project management assessments, PRO is free to download and use. The PRO standard offers two approaches: Self-assessment, or professional assessment by independent, Recognized Assessors.

PRO is unique because it focuses on outputs, not inputs or process steps. In other words, PRO looks for the evidence of competent project management performance, but it does not prescribe how to get there. Because of this output orientation, many organizations can benefit from this standard — public and private, large and small, at a total cost and effort that is far less than other approaches.

Visit the PRO section of our website to learn more or to download a copy of the free standard. And then, come to learn and discuss:

  • What PRO is and how you can benefit
  • What an PRO assessment looks like
  • The benefits of PRO certification
  • How to become a Recognized Assessor

Audience: This Webinar is for...

  • Leaders of USA-based Organizations seeking a definitive certification for organizational project management performance.
  • Decision-makers in Project and Program-performing organizations, who seek a competitive edge through improved PM Performance.
  • Individuals and Consultancies seeking a value-adding customer service revenue stream as a Recognized Assessor.

See the recorded version of this Dialogue event on the IPMA-USA YouTube Channel.