Major Responsibilities
1. Is the representative and presiding officer of the Society and the Board.
2. Serves as the strategic and operational lead for the organization.
3. Serves as an Officer of the Society.
4. Oversees the operations of the Society with the other Officers.
5. Calls Board of Director meetings of the Society and Chairs same.
6. Signs legal documents, as required.
7. Appoints special Project Teams to complete non-program-related tasks.
8. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.
9. Votes only to break a tie, or if the vote is taken by ballot.

General Duties
1. Stays informed on IPMA-USA Bylaws, policies and procedures for the efficient conduct of business.
2. Chairs Board meetings two or more times per year.
3. Reports the state of the Society to the Membership annually.
4. Develops and maintains a strategic plan for the Board of Directors approval.
5. Oversees the Officers and Directors in their specific accomplishments.
6. Oversees the voting process for the Society and Board activities.
7. Develops policies and procedures for Board approval and implementation.
8. Serves on Project Teams and task groups, as requested.

Term Of Office: Three Years


IPMA-USA President Dr. Joel Carboni, IPMA Level B®

Joel Carboni

My colleagues describe me as a project management evangelist and sustainability advocate.  I have worked in the project/program management field for over 15 years in several capacities across a variety of industries and hold the IPMA Level B® Certification.

My specialties are process development/redesign, governance, course design, and standards implementation. As a PM, I have managed land-use permitting and governance projects for local government, deployed a state Supreme Court platform, and have consulted for companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Lexus, Ecco Shoes, Bank One, and Harris Bank-BMO.

I am the President of GPM Global, a project management professional development organization that promotes the integration of sustainable methods with project delivery and is the first US based organization to develop an IPMA registered training course.

I strongly believe in the IPMA-USA mission to lead the mainstreaming of project management as a core competence of all professions and take great pride in contributing to the board of directors and contributing as a member association to IPMA.

I am a contributor to the United Nations Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative, and serve on the executive board of a regional science center. I bring to the IPMA-USA enthusiasm, energy, a seeking mind, and the desire to promote competency as a means of elevating the discipline of project management.

Goals for the IPMA-USA President Position

Promote IPMA-USA, its ideals, and further establish its position as a catalyst for the advancement of project management through:

  • Working to ensure that our strategic goals, activities, and programs provide value to the project management community and advance the discipline.
  • Representing IPMA-USA as an IPMA member association and developing opportunities for collaboration with professional organizations.
  • Supporting the growth and development of our educational and standards programs.
  • Promoting our certification programs.
  • The development of new and innovative programs and services for our members.

Note: Joel also served on the IPMA-USA Board of Directors in 2012-13 as Director of Standards, and 2013-2015 as Vice President.