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In This Issue
1. Change Agents Posting, Project Managers: Playing Nice With Others
2. IPMA-USA Election Results, 2012
3. IPMA World Congress Update, Greece, 29-31 October
4. Two Book Reviews, by Dr. Kenneth F. Smith. Thank You, Ken!
5. He's Back! David Pells and His Team Launch PM World Journal
6. Two New Articles From Byatt, Hamilton, and Hodgkinson
7. IPMA Newsletter, Young Crew Newsletter Available
8. Reminder: Please Participate in This PPPM Software Tools Training Survey
9. Presentation Counts, by Peter Taylor
10. Flash Mob Music; Planned or Spontaneous? You Decide!
11. Important: IPMA-USA To Change Our Mass Emailing Program
12. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. Change Agents Blog, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents blog embraces the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's blog posting; click the bold heading to see the posting.

Project Managers: Playing Nice With Others
Project managers operate in many different contexts, ranging from operational companies with few projects, to project oriented enterprises. Competent and performing project managers not only respect and serve our context, but also manage to get the context–including the permanent organization, to work for us.

One secret to accomplishing that feat–for the permanent organization to work for us—is to look at our efforts and relationships from Executives’ and Managers’ point of view, instead of just a project view. In this article, we will explore facets of those and other views.

The Executive View
Executives view projects and programs as part of their portfolio. Perhaps just a minor part, in some cases; major in others. And from an Executive viewpoint, there are many different disciplines involved with these initiatives. In addition to the Functional Managers, who own the business area, manage much of the talent, and measure the benefits, there are quite a few other players involved with our initiatives, including ... More


2. IPMA-USA Elections Results, 2012
Press Release: IPMA-USA Elects President and Two Board Members
IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff announced  today the election results for new and re-elected members of IPMA-USA's 2012‐2015 Board of Directors. Elected to three-year terms are Stacy Goff, IPMA Level D®, PMP®, as President, Dr. Neeraj Parolia as Director of Education, and Joel Carboni, as Director of Standards.

Joel CarboniNeeraj ParoliaRe-elected IPMA-USA Director of Education Dr. Neeraj Parolia (at left) will expand the number of universities offering IPMA-USA's SCiPM program. This Student Certificate in Project Management includes an undergraduate curriculum, exam and certificate. He also heads an initiative to pilot IPMA-USA's undergraduate and graduate project management programs in leading universities.

New IPMA-USA Director of Standards Joel Carboni (at right) will lead the rollout of IPMA-USA's PRO standard. PRO is the Performance Rated Organization assessment, that helps executives and managers identify the areas of greatest opportunity for PM performance improvement.

In addition to our IPMA-USA Board Members, we still seek volunteers to staff these project teams:


3. IPMA World Congress Update: Crete, Greece, 29-31 October
Book now for your participation in the 26th IPMA World Congress, in Crete, Greece. With the closure of professional paper acceptance, the full Congress agenda is now being prepared, and it will be available soon. Meanwhile, we are also in the “sweet spot” for airfares.

The 26th IPMA World Congress will be held at an exclusive 5 star Convention and Golf resort where the dialogue for the advancement of academic and professional project management will meet 5,000 years of history, idyllic beaches and a bouquet of fascinating parallel activities. Mark your calendars and plan to attend the 2012 IPMA World Congress on Project Management. For information, visit www.ipma2012.gr.

Next to being the home of the first European civilisation – the Minoan civilization dating 5000 years ago (see below), the island offers mountains and sandy beaches which are among the finest in the world. Crete has a mild Mediterranean climate and the conference participants will have the opportunity to taste some of the oldest and most tasty gastronomic traditions in the world and to enjoy the famous Cretan hospitality.

Planning Your Visit
Note that the Official Carrier for the IPMA World Congress is Star Alliance (United and its partners in the USA). Depending on your departure city, there can be significant discounts in airfares if you book your ticket soon. Prior news items have pointed out that most European cities have direct connections to Heraklion (spelled several different ways) Crete, rather than stopping over in Athens. This can reduce your cost (the Athens airport taxes are high) and saves time.

The Congress venue is in Hersonissos, several dozen kilometers to the East of the Heraklion, Crete, airport. A bus departs from the airport each 30 minutes, and costs € 4. See the local transport information at the Congress website.

The Congress facility is part of the Creta Maris Beach Resort, just to the North of the fishing village of Hersonissos. The resort sits on a long sweeping bay of sandy beach and crystal clear water. The lodging rates negotiated by our hosts, PM Greece, are better than we have found in our normally competitive websites.

We do recommend arriving early for the Congress, rather than staying later, because Crete tends to reduce transportation, lodging, restaurants and shopping options after the end of October. See the Accommodation booking page, also containing many interesting photos, at the Congress website.

Background About Crete
For those who have not yet been to Crete, it is one of the nicest of the many wonderful parts of Greece. Crete also has a unique atmosphere remaining from the Minoan Empire, which predated Greek prominence (perhaps by 1500 years). Some say that Minoan traders roamed then-unknown parts of the World, seeking the crucial elements of the Bronze Age, Copper and Tin. If true, they were the arms merchants of 4000 years ago. Egyptian and Persian armies depended on Cretan Bronze for their successes–as did many of their adversaries.

One author claims to have found a 2000 BC Tin mine in the USA’s Great Lakes region, with thousands of tons shipped down the Mississippi River and back to Crete, with stopovers in Greenland, Iceland, the Azores, and then into the Mediterranean. In addition to the obvious historic attractions of Crete, such as the reconstructed Knossos, home of the legendary (or factual) Minotaur, there are many other delights, ranging from unique Cretan foods, flowers, herbs, and wines. Not to mention the excitement of driving on Crete’s roads. Many of us plan to arrive early, to see the Museums in Heraculon, and the less-visited Minoan ruins further away from the tourist areas.

The Minoan Empire was an artistic, peaceful, merchant/seafaring matriarchal society. Interesting that today the airport code is HER. Some say that when the volcano at Thera (Santorini) blew, it wiped out the North coast of Crete–together with its harbors, palaces, and villages. That volcano also inspired, according to Egyptian hieroglyphics, the original story of Atlantis.

Congress Organizer
The 26th IPMA World Congress is being organized by the Network of Project Managers in Greece (PM-Greece), the Greek member association of IPMA, in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), under auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure. The Chairman for the 26th IPMA World Congress is Dr. John – Paris Pantouvakis, Associate Professor, Director of the Department of Construction Engineering & Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering, NTUA, Athens, Greece. Professor Pantouvakis can be contacted at jpp@central.ntua.gr.


4.Two Book Reviews, by Dr. Kenneth F. Smith. Thank You, Ken!

Integrated Cost and Schedule Control In Project Management; Second Edition, by Ursula Kuehn.
Target Audience: The author is a PMP®, president of a consulting firm, and a project management consultant & trainer to government agencies and commercial corporations. Her book is aimed at “the reader who has never been introduced to the integrated process of cost and schedule control but is willing to learn . . . [and] . . . the more experienced project manager who would like to learn something new or something he or she has never thought of in this manner before.”[Preface xxv.]

She succeeds admirably on the first count, but there is little substantively “new” – i.e. beyond the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) -- about Cost & Schedule Control for the experienced project manager; although I did discover a couple of interesting gems therein. Nevertheless, her organized “cookbook” approach and lucid presentation of the project management process -- replete with useful check lists and “How to” examples -- is an excellent guide and ready reference manual for anyone involved in effective integrated performance monitoring ... More

Game Theory in Management: Modeling Business Decisions and their Consequences; by Michael Hatfield.
Author & Target Audience: The author is an extensively experienced, professionally qualified and internationally recognized project management writer and practitioner. His target audience is the management community “writ large” – i.e. Strategic, Asset & Project Managers, and their many minions.

For quite a number of years I have been entertained by Michael Hatfield’s gadfly attacks on the sacred cows of Project Management in his humorous, easy-to-read style -- but nevertheless pertinent and very lucid articles in the Project Management Institute’s “PM Network.” Thus, when I undertook to review this book, I anticipated a continuance of his iconoclastic approach in extended book form. Although not disappointed with either the thrust, findings or conclusions of his “Game Theory in Management,” I confess my expectations were severely jolted by his change of style ... More


5. He's Back! David Pells and His Team Launch PM World Journal
We lamented the departure last Winter of PMForum, the World's first project management collaboration website. We especially missed the impactors and informative media presence of the inimitable David Pells. And, now we can welcome David's new adventure, PM World Journal, at www.pmworldjournal.net. With a new concept, infrastructure, and webmaster, and even more useful features yet to come, PM World Journal went live August 1, 2012.

PM World JournalYou will find familiar industry authors, press releases, events announcements, papers, and news in a variety of flavors. We are glad to see new faces, and some of our old favorites. Just looking at the front page, with the Volume 1, Issue 1 Table of Contents, it appears it will require all month just to read all the topics! For those who are not familiar with David's connections to Project and Program Management, we suggest a look at these links at the website:

And of course, the other articles and news items on the contents page that are of interest to you. We fully agree with a statement David makes in his Editorial: This is a great start for a global publication! Congratulations, David!


6. Two New Articles From Byatt, Hamilton, and Hodgkinson
En route to 100 articles in two years, here are two more from our prolific trio--with help on the second article from Duke Okes.

What Employers Are Asking for in PM Job Postings
One of us (Jeff) immersed himself in research for this article by searching open job postings on major sites in order to obtain a picture of the current job market for project management. We took this approach to best simulate the employment search process. It’s a good idea to take a ‘project approach’, the first step being to check a range of program and project posted positions, locally, nationally, and then globally; this will allow you to gauge current employer needs and requirements.

When professionals are looking for new work, they will usually want to look at salary and compensation on offer before applying for available opportunities. We also presume people will be actively networking, contacting recruiting firms, updating LinkedIn profiles and such, but that’s not the scope of this article.  Our goal is to provide some commentary for our readers on what is being asked of PM’s in the current job markets around the world (at a summary level at least), and to let you compare this with your own knowledge and experience as ... More

Measuring the Value of a Program Management Office
Many organizations have contemplated or implemented program management as a means of managing inter-related projects within their organization, with varying degrees of success. For the purposes of this article we refer to a Program Management Office (PgMO) as a vehicle which can be used to manage the life-cycle of a specific program or, if a permanent body, have the purpose of achieving strategic benefits that are not available by managing projects as separate efforts. Some organizations may refer to PgMOs (or other types of Pro-gram/Project Management Office) as Centres of Excellence.

Critical to the success of setting up a program management "practice" is gaining agreement from stakeholders on what constitutes that success. Think of it as the "why it will exist" factor. This step sounds obvious, but it is very easy to give it inadequate focus early on, and like many things, it can devolve bit by bit into providing "interesting but ultimately low-value advice or guidance." It should always be remembered that "people make projects" and experienced project campaigners know how to get their projects across the line. A PgMO should provide experienced practitioners with an appropriate service, just as they should focus on slightly different needs of inexperienced practitioners ... More


7. IPMA Newsletter, Young Crew Newsletter Available
Dear Member Associations and IPMA Members,
We are happy to announce the publication of a new Newsletter on the IPMA website: http://ipma.ch/resources/ipma-publications/ipma-newsletters/. The direct link to the newsletter is: http://ipma.ch/assets/IPMA-Q2-2012.pdf. With kind regards,
Secretariat, International Project Management Association

Dear Young Crew members and friends,
It is summertime – long days, warm breeze, bright sun…everything one could wish for in order to enjoy life at its best. I hope that your projects are thriving, new ideas are taking hold, and inspiration stays by your side all the time. This summer issue of the Young Crew Newsletter will keep you updated on the latest developments in the Young Crew world. Be daring and be light! Kind regards,
Violetta Pleshakova, Chief Editor


8. Reminder: Please Participate in This PPPM Software Tools Training Survey
IPMA-USA is requesting your participation in a web-based survey to explore the benefits of various types of training in the implementation of project, program, and portfolio management software and supporting toolsets. Andrew McCarty is the Primary Investigator for this project and the research will become part of his dissertation. The project is being conducted in conjunction with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.


9. Presentation Counts, by Peter Taylor
The following is an extract from The Lazy Project Manager and The Project from Hell – Peter Taylor's new book, currently free as an eBook from Amazon. Why is it free? See this quote from Peter: "I would love your help in getting this to number 1 on the Amazon charts – yes a project management book at number 1, it can be done."

I was recently in a restaurant in a foreign land (well foreign to me of course but less so to the locals).

The location was good, the décor and ambience very acceptable, the company most enjoyable, and the snow fell softly outside providing a winter wonderland visual delight through the large windows.

But sadly all of that positive build-up for a great evening's dining was almost outweighed by the food and service.

After an initial ordering experience the diners elected to eat the same main course but each agreed that the chef's vegetable of choice for the evening was not to their personal liking. It was the humble Brussels sprout, a member of the brassica family that enjoys a somewhat tarnished image which, considering its status as a nutritional powerhouse, is perhaps a little unfair. Its reputation is perhaps mostly due to the great British Christ-mas Day cooking technique: take sprouts, cut, trim, boil until at least twice dead and then for five minutes more ... More


10. Flash Mob Music; Planned or Spontaneous? You Decide!
It would appear that the young lady, who started this scene with a coin in the pot in Sabadell, Spain, is destined to be a Change Agent. It is your guess whether this Classical Music Flash Mob was planned or spontaneous. What do you think? It even appears to have phases... We had to play it twice, to catch everything!


11. Important: IPMA-USA To Change Our Mass Emailing Program
After more than three years with the same mass emailing service to send newsletters and more, we are changing to a different service. Consequently, you need to watch for one or more confirmation "opt-in" emails. All mass emailing services require öpt-in verification to assure that you want to remain on the list. Please watch for and responjd to confirmation emails from IPMA-USA, because you must confirm your interest in continuing to receive the emails. Thank you!


12. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Relational Results
I like jigsaw puzzles. Working on them is a lot like getting the pieces of your life to all fit together—only much easier!

One recent venture was a 2000-piece scene of the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle framed by an expanse of clear blue sky, majestic mountains, picturesque lakes and the surrounding Bavarian forest. Despite its size and complexity, I began the same way I always do:... More

Power-up With Partnerships
So now Eli's gonna get the ball with 4 minutes, but it's at his own 8…. Deep to Manningham! … And here's another play that will long be remembered!

In last season's Super Bowl XLVI, the New York Giants narrowly defeated the New England Patriots, a tough and perennial champion of previous years. But suppose the Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning, who completed 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions—and who was named Super Bowl's Most Valuable Player—was out there facing the entire Patriots defensive team by his lonely self!

While the productive impact of teamwork is easy to perceive in sports play, the power of productive partnerships is no less effective in the workplace. More


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