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In This Issue
1. Change Agents Post, Navigating the S's in Our Projects
2. 27th IPMA World Congress Announces Call for Papers
3. Enter the Dragon –– Chinese Business Culture & the West, by Bill Young
4. Less Than A Week to Complete Our Survey on Product Team Performance
5. IPMA-USA Supports the 2013 Resource Planning Summit
6. Book Report: Practical Project Risk Management
7. Reminder: UT Dallas Call For Papers, Due March 15, 2013
8. IPMA-USA Seeks Volunteers, Board Candidate Nominations for 2013 Elections
9. Introducing Project Roadmap–A Useful Tablet App
10. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. Change Agents Blog, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents blog embraces the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's blog posting; click the bold heading to see the posting.

Navigating the S's in Our Projects
I recall from my days of Sports Car racing in the 1970s the importance of aggressively, yet smoothly, navigating “the Esses.” These were the sections of the racetrack with a series of somewhat gentle left and right turns–such that, if you looked at them from above, looked like several repeated capital letter S’s, laid down. The other competences of racing included preparation, apexing correctly, mastering the braking and acceleration points, all while maintaining steely focus and concentration, and strategic competitiveness. But even with all that, one’s performances through the Esses often made the difference between winning and losing. The reason: This is where the most-competent drivers gain the most speed.

The analogy is similar in projects. In projects, the Esses, or S’s, as shown in the title, include: Stakeholders, Sponsors, Sustainability and Success. And just as in racing, these appear to be gentle curves that the project throws at you—but competent and performing project managers know they are far more than that. They are the places where you can achieve the most project momentum ... More


2. 27th IPMA World Congress Announces Call for Papers
ev-2013-wc-logoIPMA-USA and the USA had a strong turnout for the 26th IPMA World Congress in Crete, Greece, and now is the time for you to plan on helping boost our participation further for the 2013 Congress, 30 September--3 October 2013! Responding to this Call For Papers is your first step in joining us in the premier event of the year for IPMA, the world's first professional project manager's association!

Your Abstracts are due 15 April, 2013. Don’t just attend the IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30 September-3 October, BE A SPEAKER! The global community of competent and performing project managers is very much looking forward to this event, and now you have the opportunity to propose a paper. And this year, you have exposure not only to IPMA, but also to participants from ICEC, the International Cost Engineering Council.

IPMA World Congress Organizer
The Croatian Association for Project Management (CAPM), in cooperation with the University of Zagreb, the International Cost Engineering Council and the Baltazar Adam Krcelic College of Business and Management; and under the patronage of Government of the Republic of Croatia, is proud to host the 27th IPMA World Congress.

Congress Theme and Insights
The theme of this IPMA World Congress is “Finding Balance and Moving Forward”. Case studies, best practices, research results, new methodologies, tools and technology developments on project, programme and portfolio management are welcome. See the list of Topics or Streams at the Congress website.

Both individuals and relevant organizations may contribute to the conference through academic papers and/or professional presentations (position papers, presentations of best practices or significant case studies, poster sessions, training materials, book & software presentations, tutorials, round tables, special sessions and workshops). Organizations may also consider presenting their standards, sponsorship of various competitions (research, student, young crew) and organization of round tables. Professional papers (first abstract, followed by full paper or/and presentation) will undergo review of the Congress Professional Panel and will not be indexed in relevant academic databases.

Advantages for Academic Paper Presenters
Just as with the 26th IPMA World Congress in Crete, academic papers will be indexed in relevant research databases. This was a World Congress first, and we are eager to repeat this successful engagement of the academic community. Academic papers will undergo a double-blind peer review (first abstract, followed by full paper) and then indexed in the above mentioned academic databases. We are especially looking forward to receiving your proposals.

Important dates for Paper submission:
Author registration opens January 22, 2013
Submissions accepted from January 26, 2013
Call for Papers posted February 1, 2013
Abstracts submissions closed April 15, 2013
Abstracts accepted April 15, 2013
Author registration closed June 15, 2013
Papers submissions closed June 15, 2013
Papers accepted July 15, 2013
Presentation Schedule posted Sept 15, 2013
27th IPMA World Congress Sept 30 –Oct 3

Complete and submit your abstract now!

About Dubrovnik
Plan to visit the City of Dubrovnik, the historical republic from 1358-1808 http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr, whose cultural monuments still bear witness to projects from past centuries. Dubrovnik is without doubt currently one of Europe’s most fashionable destinations. Steeped in history and virtually unchanged since the 13th Century the old quarter provides a fascinating distraction from the day’s business. See the great video about Dubrovnik on the front page of the Congress website (the second video). See more about Dubrovnik and Excursions at the Congress site.

About the Congress Venue
The Congress will be held at the Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel and Conference center, just north of Dubrovnik Old Town, on the peninsula facing Italy. The Valamar Resort has a range of hotels, all at excellent prices. See the interactive map, where you can view the locations of the hotels (may not work in all browsers). Or, see more details about the hotels.


3. Dragons, Camels and Kangaroos A Series on Cultural Intelligence for Programme and Project Management: Enter the Dragon – Chinese Business Culture & the West, by Bill Young, AIPM: IPMA-Australia
When you read this title your first question might be: What is the association between these disparate creatures (mythical and real)? The less complex answer is, they are symbolic; Dragons commonly symbolize China; Camels - the Middle East and parts of Africa; Kangaroos - Australia. The author Bill Young simply wants to bring into focus here our national cultures and their associated collective styles of 'thinking and doing', and how this affects our business approach and outcomes. This article is the second in a featured series, and appears in the February issue of PM World Journal. Thanks to Bill, and thanks to David Pells, for permission to offer it here!

As we close out this Chinese Year of the Dragon I have focused this article on Chinese Culture. In the mid-1970s I trained in Wing Chun kung fu, a time when the iconic Bruce Lee was bringing Chinese martial arts to the international movie screens. By coincidence one of my kung fu Masters also studied under Lee’s teacher the famous Yip Man. Lee was an unintentional ambassador of Chinese culture in his own right. Through his many movies where he visibly displayed ‘culture shock’ he was always in some struggle to attain fairness for others; fighting for oppressed minorities or against racial discrimination. This was my first introduction to Chinese culture.

This article enlarges on the discussion of culture in the previous article: ‘Cultural Intelligence – a requisite competency for international projects’ (Young 2013). It provides some insights into the history and nature of Chinese culture and why it is fundamentally important for Western business people and Project Managers doing business with, and in, China to gain an understanding of Chinese culture; as challenging as it may be to accurately define. It may also be useful for Chinese who are going out to other parts of the world on various business ventures. To be successful conducting international business, either direction, requires cultural competence. Western here loosely referring to the culture of countries that have an origin from Europe / the Americas. ... More


4. Less Than A Week to Complete Our Survey on Product Team Performance, 2013
IPMA-USA and IPMA asks you to participate in the 2013 Study of Product Team Performance, a follow-on to last year's popular survey, that looked at the interaction of key roles, including Project Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts, and others. This groundbreaking survey is presented by Actuation Consulting and Enterprise Agility and co-sponsored by IPMA. . Product Team Survey

This study will assess the dynamics of product team performance and determine what factors impede or improve product development outcomes. For the purposes of this study, the core product team consists of product managers, project and program managers, user experience professionals, business analysts, development managers, and engineers. Results will be compiled and the aggregate survey results will be made available to participants through our sponsors and partners.

Take the Survey!
We had great representation of project and program managers (with an IPMA-USA and IPMA flavor) last year, and we'd really like to enjoy that representation of our perspectives this year. Click Here to Take the Survey.The survey takes approximately 9 minutes to complete, and is scheduled to close February 28th, 2013.

Your input is very important to us and your responses will remain confidential. On behalf of IPMA-USA, IPMA, Actuation Consulting, and all of the sponsors and promotional partners, thank you for your time! We look forward to sharing this year’s results.

See Last Year's Survey Summary
For a limited time, while this survey runs, you can download free results from last year's survey! And, see the ProdMan webinars at the IPMA website. They help to explain the survey's interesting outcomes.


5. IPMA-USA Supports the 2013 Resource Planning Summit
Resource Planning Summit 2013The 2013 Resource Planning Summit, planned for May 5-7, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, will be one of the USA's best PM events of the year. IPMA-USA has participated in Dick Rutledge's events four times in the last few years, and have always been impressed with this Dean of the PM Conference world. Originator of the Project Leadership Conferences in the 1990s, others "went to school" on Dick's conferences, to discover the secret sauce of successful conferences.

As the Resource Planning Summit website states, this is the thought leadership event for those IT, Product Development and Financial executives and managers seeking cutting edge information on Resource and Capacity Planning. The Summit will present the electrifying results being achieved by companies where resource planning formerly was a challenge. The 2013 Summit will add hands-on sessions, a panel on overcoming the obstacles to implementation and professional speakers on team building and change management.

At the Summit's LinkedIn site, our friend and IPMA-USA member Terry Schmidt says, "Dick, You put on superb events, absolutely top notch, ever since you pioneered outstanding events in the Project management world. I look forward to meeting the many thought leaders who attend." Of course, Terry may be a bit biased: He is again delivering one of his unique presentations, this time covering Strategic Planning For Your Career and Life. See the list of all the speakers and topics in the Summit program; and scan the agenda at the website for the special ice cream desserts. And don't miss the cruise!

IPMA-USA will be again staffing a booth at the May 5-7 Resource Planning Summit 2013. And because managing beneficial change works better with a team, this year the Summit again offers the Buddy System pricing model: When you register at the regular rate, you can also bring a second member of your organization. We understand that with this model, the seats are filling fast! And, watch the Resource Planning Summit LinkedIn page for session highlights and ongoing commentary. Register now and we hope to see you there!


6. Book Report: Practical Project Risk Management; Hillson & Simon
The book: Practical Project Risk Management; The ATOM Methodology, Second Edition, David Hillson and Peter Simon; Published by Management Concepts Press 2012. ISBN 978-1-56726-366-4. Over the last several months this book saw more air miles than most people do in a year! We carried it along for spare-time reading on our recent global itinerary in support of IPMA, and the book was a welcome respite from the travel. Our overall assessment: Buy this book; read it; apply it; share it throughout your organization! We give it a rare five checkmarks! See the full review.


7. Reminder: UT Dallas Call For Papers, Due March 15, 2013
Plan now to attend the 7th Annual UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, August 15-16, 2013, in Dallas Texas. We have participated in four of the six events so far, and believe it to be one of the best regional project management symposiums in the country.

The conference is sponsored by the Graduate Program in Project Management at The University of Texas at Dallas, in cooperation with the PMI Dallas Chapter and PM World, Inc. Abstracts should relate to major issues faced by project managers in today's world. Abstracts are welcome on any topics related to project management; however of greatest interest are the following topics: 

Dates and Details:

IPMA-USA strongly supports this event, and IPMA has been a featured participant, with a special keynote speaker for every year's event. If you have any questions about speaking or attending, please Contact Stacy. Bonus: See the Keynote videos from 2012 at the UT Dallas website.


7. The Art of Starting a Project on Time; from the HBR Blog Network Two comments on this link; first, it was provided by Rose Johnston, whom almost everyone knows as the voice of IPMA-USA. She is our executive office manager, a past Board Member, and has served as IPMA-USA's representative to IPMA. Second, she spotted it in the APMP Reporter; she is also a member of that organization (and, they hold great conferences!). APMP, Association of Proposal Management Professionals. is a strategic parner with IPMA-USA in the IBDC International Business Development Council, and they are a great organization.

The blog post is a little old, but the content is useful---as are the comments. And, while the article appears to relate mostly to smaller projects, here is our question: Do you think the same approaches work on large ones as well? Please read the blog post, then decide if you agree or disagree, that the ideas are universal. Send us your comments, and we will publish your insights at IPMA-USA


8. IPMA-USA Seeks Volunteers, Board Candidate Nominations for 2013 Elections
As you are aware, IPMA-USA is a professional organization dedicated to and run by volunteers from the project management community. These members and volunteers drive the strategy and direction of our organization based on what the community and our members see as the most pressing problems facing the practice of project management.

Each year roughly one-third of our Directors and Officers come to the end of their terms and those with vision and who are willing to serve must be called upon to take their place. The Board is currently accepting nominations for the positions listed below. Each position serves a three-year term.

Director of Marketing
Director of Member Services

If you wish to nominate yourself, or someone else (with their permission) please review the Responsibilities and Duties (follow the links provided above). Then, submit a short Statement of Qualifications and Statement of Goals for the position. These will be included in the IPMA-USA website and with links in the election ballot.

Thank you!
Trevor K. Nelson, Vice-President -- IPMA-USA
Reply to Trevor

Volunteers Needed
In addition to our members who are running for IPMA-USA office, we still need volunteers to staff each of these project teams:


9. Introducing Project Roadmap–A Useful Tablet App
It started with a message from IPMA Certification Chair Werner Schmehr: “Dear colleagues, Please have a look in the App store: Project Roadmap App (English).”

The link above is for the free app (mobile application) for the iPad/iPhone (we prefer the iPad’s larger screen size. And, the app is also available for Android tablets; once installed. the app works in English or German.

So What Is It?
Essentially, Project Roadmap is a free multi-platform tablet-based app that serves as a mobile reference to project management methods. For more information, in the the words of app author, Raimo Huebner:

The Project Roadmap App is the easiest way to navigate through a huge amount of project management methods. With the Project Roadmap App the project team can easily get a common understanding of project management methods. See more information about Project Roadmap, including its 12 years of concept development, on the IPMA website.


10. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Agility in the land of Giants
giantsIn Bruce Wilkinson’s wonderfully empowering book The Dream Giver, he spins an allegory about a guy named Ordinary who leaves his comfort zone to pursue his dreams. The further he travels away from the familiar, the more unsettled he becomes, and the more he is oppressed by those opposed to his audacity to dream. He encounters Border Bullies, who try to prevent him from crossing into unfamiliar territory. His tenacity is tested in the Wasteland. And just when the fulfillment of his dream is in sight, he meets Giants, whose self-appointed purpose is to take him down and deny his dream.

If you’ve ever pursued a big dream, you know the tale is true. Some of the obstacles that prevent us from realizing our goals are gigantic. But as leaders, if we are to persist and win, we must find ways to effectively neutralize those Giants, one way or another:

Avoid the Giant.   Some problems can simply be avoided, like detouring around a landslide. There may be many routes to your goal. One blocked path doesn’t mean you are deterred, merely detoured ... More


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