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In This Issue
1. Change Agents Post, Efficiency and Effectiveness in Project Management
2. 27th IPMA World Congress Update, 30 Sept-3 Oct; Surprisingly Low Airfares!
3. IPMA-USA Elections Reminder: Members, Please Vote!
4. Comparing PM Certifications Article Goes Viral
5. Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis; by Barbara A. Carkenord
6. Product Management Study Published
7. Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin; Book Review by Cole Kupec
8. Event: Managing Your SAP Projects 2013 , Nov. 20-22, Orlando, FL
9. IPMA News From Around the World
10. Perfect Phrases for Project Management, by Helen S. Cooke and Karen Tate
11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. Change Agents Blog, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents blog embraces the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's blog posting; click the bold heading to see our latest.

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Project Management
This article is inspired by the theme of the PMRC, IPMA-China, Congress to be held August 24-25, in Wuhan China. The theme is Effectiveness and Efficiency in Project Management, and both Mladen Radujkovik, IPMA President, and I (as IPMA VP of Marketing) will present keynotes. This article contains a sneak preview of my topic, Balance Efficiency and Effectiveness With Actionable Project Information.

Efficiency Awareness
The 1960s were the era of the Efficiency Expert. These were people with training or skills in process optimization, who then moved into productivity improvement, which became a buzzphrase of the 1970s. This set of skills was merged with improved interpersonal skills to become a foundation of the systems analyst or business analyst of the 1980s. Look how far we’ve come: Today we have certifications for people who demonstrate many of these skills—and more. Efficiency became part of an entire gamut of systems engineering disciplines. Efficiency is clearly important.

But it was not consistently applied. In fact, a big part of the “re-engineering of the organization” that was done in the late 1980s and early 1990s was not RE-engineering at all. It was the first-ever true engineering of poorly-designed processes which were randomly piled on top of other processes during the ’70s and ’80s. The efficiency focus benefited projects, because many project managers brought the business concepts of efficiency and productivity into their projects. How do I know? I learned from some of the best during that time.

One problem with this emphasis on efficiency was shown by many organizations’ initiatives over the last 50 years. We can go overboard—sometimes focusing so much on efficiency that we forget about effectiveness. Part of this is because it is easier to look at efficiency; easy to identify it; to measure it. You see, efficiency by itself can be dangerous: If you look up Efficiency Expert on Wikipedia, one section notes: see also Layoffs ... More


2. 27th IPMA World Congress Update, 30 Sept-3 Oct; Surprisingly Low Airfares!
ev-2013-wc-logoAlert: Surprisingly Low Airfares! For those who have not yet made their travel arrangements for the IPMA World Congress, to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the Congress Website is now showing a link to fantastic airfares. See the Star Alliance Network link for significantl better rates than we paid in January! And, while last-minute booking normally shows fewer schedule options, for those who use Star Alliance (United, Lufthansa, etc.) there are many convenient bookings still available.

Meanwhile, the final streams and papers are in the process of finalization, and will be avialable soon. Of note to IPMA-USA, our current Standards Director, Joel Carboni (and Vice President candidate) is chairing a Sustainability stream, that has more than twice the number of speakers as the highly successful Sustainability stream last year.

And, Joel is also heading up a post-Congress Sustainability workshop, currently featured on the front page of the IPMA website. Because the front page of the IPMA website rotates different news items frequently, here is the address of the news release. The fee for this workshop is 99 Euros, based on the drop-down list on the registration page.

If you have not yet registered, Register Now! The IPMA World Congress is the premier project, programme, and portfolio management event of the year. Intended for practitioners, managers, executives, educators, trainers, consultants, researchers and students, we have something for everyone!

Congress Theme and Insights
The theme of this IPMA World Congress is “Finding Balance and Moving Forward”. Case studies, best practices, research results, new methodologies, tools and technology developments on project, programme and portfolio management will be covered.

About Dubrovnik
Plan to visit the City of Dubrovnik, the historical republic from 1358-1808 http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr, whose cultural monuments still bear witness to projects from past centuries. Steeped in history and virtually unchanged since the 13th Century the old quarter provides a refreshing distraction from the day’s business. See the great video about Dubrovnik on the front page of the Congress website (the third video). See more about Dubrovnik and Excursions at the Congress site.

About the Congress Venue
The Congress will be held at the Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel and Conference center, just north of Dubrovnik Old Town, on the peninsula facing Italy. The Valamar Resort has a range of hotels, all at excellent prices. See the interactive map, where you can view the locations of the hotels. Or, see more details about the hotels.


3. IPMA-USA Elections Reminder: Members, Please Vote!
This is a reminder for IPMA-USA members: We sent election ballots to members in good standing on August 2, with a response deadline of August 16. We have great candidates for the three open positions, Vice President, Director of Marketing, and Director of Member Services. Please complete your ballot and return it to the elections email address from which it was sent to you.

Also, we will be continuing to form project teams in each of the three areas. Of special interest are those who wish to work in support of marketing, articles, news and featured reports for the IPMA-USA newsletter, an IPMA-USA event, webinars, and PRO, our organizational assessment tool and process. Interested? Please contact Stacy.


4. Comparing PM Certifications Article Goes Viral
In conjunction with our last newsletter, we published a new article, Comparing PM Certifications: Which Is Best For You? Since then, the article has been published on the IPMA website, together with a news release, on the PM World Journal, and now it has been translated and re-posted at multiple IPMA Member Associations around the World. Comparing Certs

With interesting and revealing graphics such as the one at right, IPMA now has a tool that clearly differentiates IPMA project and program management certifications from the others in the market.

The buzz is just beginning, as the article continues to spur discussions in various LinkedIn and other networking groups.

For years, IPMA has allowed others, including fan-boys for entry level certifications, to state how IPMA's certifications, especially our unique advanced certs, compare.

Now, based on analysis of independent studies, those who are truly interested in improving project and program results have a way to compare their options. So why has IPMA not produced an analysis like this before? Because it was long-felt that savvy and qualified project and program managers were capable of doing their own analysis, and coming to the appropriate conclusions.

Perhaps the next step will be for recruiters and hiring managers to demand the certifications that truly "Stand Out From the Rest." Interestingly, that phrase was one of the early slogans of IPMA-USA's certification body, and was soon picked up and used by other professional organizations. This is just another example of another of our catchy new slogans: IPMA Leads--Others Follow.


5. Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis; by Barbara A. Carkenord
Book Review by James R. Brady, PhD, MPA, MEd
Target Audience: First, I must confess that I was not aware of the apparently new and rapidly growing "profession" of Business Analysis. Evoking old memories of the rise of PMI® and PMBOK®, there is also a new International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) which is developing a BABOK® (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge). The new Institute has also initiated an examination system to anoint people as Certified Business Analysis Professionals or CBAPs. And several universities and training companies are offering a variety of somewhat pricey CBAP prep courses.

The author is touted by her publisher as a "world renowned expert" on the area of Business Analysis. Her book is also strongly endorsed by Kevin Brennan, the IIBA "Vice President for Body of Knowledge". Ms. Carkenord links most parts of her book to the IIBA's BABOK and suggests that her book should help readers to pass the certification examination. However, she also points out that her book differs from the BABOK: "The purpose of the BABOK is to provide guidance and references for business analysis professionals. It is not a learning tool. The goal of the IIBA is that eventually the BABOK will become the best practice standard for the profession ... More


6. Product Management Study 2013 Published
ProdManRespondents to the Study of Product Team Performance, 2013 have been anxiously waiting for the published results. Last year, in addition to publishing the results of the study, we offered a series of webinars discussing the implications. Last year's study had four major take-aways including the way project managers, product managers, and other disciplines work together. Other keys to success included the extent to which organizational strategic alignment support success.

From the Executive Summary: We found that three key factors of high-performing teams reappeared from last year's study, and three new factors emerged (last year's factors are listed first):

The study is truly unique as it enjoys the sponsorship of the Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM), the International Institute of Business Analysis’s Chicago Chapter (IIBA), the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), and Planbox.

Because of our sponsorship role, you can download this study at Greg Geracie's Actuation Consulting website at no cost; there are a few bits of personal data that you need to fill out, and then you have access to the full report.

Are you interested in a webinar that helps interpret the results? If so, please Contact Stacy.


7. Talent is Overrated, by Geoff Colvin
Book Review by Cole Kupec
Talent is Overrated (2010) was written by Geoff Colvin, a distinguished journalist and current senior editor for Fortune magazine. He writes a column called “Value Driven” and is also a lead moderator in the Fortune Global Forum.

Colvin begins by exploring and diminishing the idea of talent being inherent in any individual from birth. He admits to physical capabilities and physical limitations holding people back from reaching the highest levels of performance. For example if you are 5 foot 2 inches tall, it is very unlikely that you will ever play in the NBA, regardless of how good a player you are.

Within the physical limitations Colvin suggests that it is possible to excel in fields with something he calls “deliberate practice.” He rejects the idea that some people are born with natural talents or a “divine spark” that are not inherently physical. He goes one step further to suggest that “talent does not exist,” but “if it does, it may be irrelevant.” He insists that through deliberate practice anyone can become a great performer, including the field of project management ... More


8. IPMA News From Around the World
Part of the benefit of the IPMA Family is the global reach of our contacts. The information below is from other groups and member nations in International Project Management Association, the world's first project management association.

Jesus Keynotes at UTD Symposium, Aug. 15-16
Our great friend, Jesus Martinez Almela, IPMA's Vice President of Young Crew and Education & Training, will be a featured keynote speaker at the University of Texas--Dallas (UTD) PM Symposium. Co-sponsored by the Dallas PMI Chapter and PM World Journal, this event is one of the best regional pm events of the year. Jesus' topic is is "Project Management: Optimizing Value to Stakeholders." See more about the Symposium, the venue, and the speakers at the UTD website. Or, see the write-up on Jesus' Keynote at the PMWorld Journal.

Young Crew Newsletter
Young Crew is IPMA's focus group for students and young project managers up to the age of 35. This dynamic group is leading IPMA into an even stronger future, showing creativity, high energy, dedication, and eagerness to learn--and teach. Featured in this issue of the newsletter is the Young Crew Global Workshop, held Sept. 27-29 in conjunction with the IPMA World Congress, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. See the YC Newsletter!

From Young Crew to Keynote Speaker
As reported in our last newsletter, IPMA-USA member and past Young Crew President Edward Logan will be a keynote speaker at the t 27th IPMA World Congress on Project Management in Dubrovnik, Sept- 30-October 3. See the write-up on Edward, his adventures since Young Crew, and details of his presentation at the PMWorld Journal.

IPMA Newsletter
IPMA's latest newsletter is posted on the IPMA website. With reports from around the world, see the successes and new adventures of the IPMA Family. Highlighted are new initiatives in Northern Africa and the Middle East, and a range of activities from India. Because IPMA is a federation of strong national associations, IPMA news is a little more tailored to each nation's interests, as opposed to homogenized to be identical around the world.

PMWorld Journal
Both IPMA-USA and IPMA contribute regularly to this great resource for the practice of project management. It is the primary external outlet for our press releases, and each monthly issue publishes dozens of relevant papers, articles, news items, announcements and book reviews. And, the search engine is excellent. With a new look and feel their new banner matches the excellence of their publication. If you are not a subscriber, you should be! Subscribe for free!


9. Event: Managing Your SAP Projects 2013, Nov. 20-22, Orlando, FL
We often identify and help promote other pm-related events that are of interest and value to our members and friends. This one came to us through our IPMA connections, and what better time to be in Florida than late November!

The premier event for planning, executing, and managing SAP upgrades, rollouts, implementations and systems consolidations. Learn to :
• Optimize limited resources and budgets to complete projects on time, on target, and under budget
• Leverage the experiences of your business and project manager counterparts at other companies
• Apply proven techniques for managing project budgets, timelines, and resources

For more information, or to register, see the event site: www.sapprojects2013.com.


10. Perfect Phrases for Project Management, by Helen S. Cooke and Karen Tate
Book Review by Stacy Goff
Background: Just off the press and given to me by Helen at the 2012 University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) PM Symposium last August, I have carted this small book all over the world as spare-time reading for the last year. Because Helen will be speaking at this year's UTD Symposium, I figured I should publish my review.

Audience: Beginners in project management can gain from this book. Even old dogs in our practice can see new tricks. Professionals who work with project managers, such as proposal managers, engineers and architects can benefit. So can functional managers, project sponsors, construction project owners, clients of projects, and comedians. Just kidding about the comedians, but who knows? Maybe your spouse will get a kick out of it.

Structure: The book is organized according to Duncan's Process Groups. Some people mistakenly use these as project phases. Penalize this highly regarded team ten points for falling into that trap. In typical bodies of knowledge, these process groups are collections of process knowledge that recur in projects, phases or stages, or even in activities. That aside, within each the book's process groups, there is a series of relevant topics; for each topic you will find as many as a dozen tips, insights and communication sound-bites ... More


11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Why virtue matters
Even when it hurts, it’s good.

New research from the University of Notre Dame found that people can purposefully and dramatically reduce their everyday occurrences of lying, and in doing so, significantly improve their physical health.

Not only that, the “Science of Honesty” study also revealed that truth-tellers improved their interpersonal relationships and enjoyed smoother social interactions than when they used to whitewash their lives with lies.

Well, whadayaknow?

Slippery as the truth can be, it’s absolutely better applied than denied. ... More

Life and leadership on the road
A couple of years ago my wife and I took a cross-country road trip from eastern Pennsylvania to southern California and back: a journey of 21 days and nearly as many surprising yet practical lessons in living fully and leading intentionally.

Right from the start, we had planned to camp at least some of the nights. Our first was in an impenetrable thicket of mosquitoes near the Mississippi River just north of Memphis. We were sorely exposed for a long time (with an emphasis on sorely). And erecting a tent with one hand is tough: even tougher, I tell you, when the other hand is continually swatting committed kamikazes! Our second was in a bake oven of a swale shared with enthusiastic chiggers outside of Houston. But we survived until dawn both times.
Affirmed: There are always those who disturb, harm, annoy, or try to thwart your purposes. But intentional actions can overcome most troubles by careful planning, preparation and persistence. (And sometimes by leaving the scene early) ... More


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