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In This Issue
1. PM on Tablets: Are We There Yet? By IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
2. IPMA-USA Seeks Board Candidate Nominations for 2014 Elections
3. No Set Theme; our latest article by Simon Harris
4. 28th IPMA World Congress, September 29th to October 1st, Rotterdam
5. A Case for Not Using Earned Value Project Management, by Jim Baber
6. Scientific Papers from 27th World Congress Now Available from Procedia
7. Research Support Request From Russ Archibald, et. al.
8. PM World Journal Updates for IPMA-USA, IPMA and Our PM Practice
9. Job Opportunity: Contract RETELL Business Process/Operations Manager
10. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. PM on Tablets: Are We There Yet? Article by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Three years ago, as we defined the requirements for an update to the IPMA (International Project Management Association) website, we came across research predicting that by 2015 over 50% of all internet traffic would be from mobile devices. Given this information, a truly responsive website, one that worked equally well across all devices, immediately became a top-priority requirement for the new IPMA website. Since then, our judgment has been proven correct, as the rate of “mobilization” has kept up, if not exceeded, the prediction.

Who is the audience for this article, and for the idea of Project Management (PM) on Tablets? Our audience includes innovative project managers, Project Management Offices, project teams, and other key stakeholders, especially those who affect the success of your projects the most: Sponsors, internal customers, and managers or decision-influencers. The audience includes both those who create and consume project information.

TabletsWhy Should You Care?
Several reasons, including the observation that those who embrace game-changing innovations are first to reap the increased efficiency, effectiveness, and communication power those innovations offer. Of course, “early birds” also sometimes run into dead ends, and can find great concepts that never quite deliver their promise.

Why I Care: I tend to be an early adopter in project management. I wrote PM software for mainframes in 1968. Then, early in the microcomputer revolution, I produced PC-driven pm methodologies, with online references, advanced estimating and risk management methods, templates, and reusable project plans. More recently, I projected the future of the PM Software industry. I have long been an enthusiast for automation’s support (and for re-use of project knowledge and intelligence) for projects’ beneficial societal change.

Mobile Devices Today
Today, much of the web traffic from tablets and smartphones is for four types of activities:

Yes, we know you don’t participate in those last two activities… but you know people who do. These are mostly consumption activities, not what your enterprise would consider to be “real work.” Certainly, much of your email can qualify as real work, but that is neither the greatest device use nor your greatest value as a project or program manager. So what is the potential for harnessing these new technologies for your project communications? ... More


2. IPMA-USA Seeks Board Candidate Nominations for 2014 Elections
As you are aware, IPMA-USA is a professional organization dedicated to and run by volunteers from the project management community. These members and volunteers drive the strategy and direction of our organization based on what the community and our members see as the most pressing problems facing the practice of project management.

Each year one-to-three of our Directors and Officers come to the end of their terms and we call upon IPMA-USA members with vision, energy, and who are willing to serve, to take their place. The Board is currently accepting nominations for the position listed below. Each position serves a three-year term.


If you wish to nominate yourself, or someone else (with their permission) please review the Responsibilities and Duties (follow the links provided above). Then, submit a short Statement of Qualifications and Statement of Goals for the position. These will be included in the IPMA-USA website and with links in the election ballot.

Thank you!
Joel Carboni, Vice-President -- IPMA-USA
Reply to Joel

Volunteers Needed
In addition to our members who are running for IPMA-USA office, we still need volunteers to staff each of these project teams:


3. No Set Theme; our latest article by Simon Harris
Editor’s note: Simon is one of our favorite authors; he has shared his insights with IPMA-USA members and friends for over five years. Last month, he asked what the theme would be for the next IPMA-USA newsletter. Because there are many exciting things going on, we replied, “There is no set theme for this issue.” Thus the title above, and this article. The result: Simon inspires us with what really matters in projects. Thank you Simon!

When presented with opportunity to contribute to the IPMA-USA newsletter with "No Set Theme" I was left wondering 'so what to say!?' But with a little thought I found what I think are *the* most important thoughts to share. They are covered as we go below!

Luxury. My musing was "Wow, a free hand! A rare luxury. I must use that for THE most important topic! I could expand on a piece of work I'm currently doing to create three 5 day training courses: one on Leading Complex Projects, one on Recovering Troubled Projects and the last on Project Governance. But are they the most important topic?" Actually, No. The most important topic is the confluence of the three above. None of these three is most important because they are about projects; projects are just a means to an end, the wrong topic.

The end is what is important: achieving some benefit as high up Maslow's hierarchy of needs as context demands and allows. Benefit is like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder, it's situational and it's personal, emotional, visceral.

Maximum Aggregate Benefit = Approaching Incompetence. A most important thing about projects is that they should generate maximum concurrent aggregate benefit. It is the pursuit of maximization - up to the edge of our capability that explains why we will always need insight into how to rescue a troubled project; because whenever we get an easy one we optimise some dimension(s) until the balance of factors is under stress ... More


4. 28th IPMA World Congress, September 29th to October 1st, Rotterdam
IPMA 2014 CongressWe are pleased to invite you to the 28th IPMA World Congress from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This year’s theme is…Innovation through Dialogue. In 3 days, experts from the business and academic worlds will share their experiences and insights about innovating the world through dialogue.

With already over 300 tickets sold, this event includes site visits to impressive projects, informative and compelling paper presentations, an extensive exhibition area, and exciting social events. We are well on our way to making this the most comprehensive and inspiring PM event of 2014. All this in the City of Rotterdam, recently voted 10th in the list of 52 Places to Go by the New York Times.

Over 300 papers from over 30 countries submitted.
Conference Organizer, tells us that the Call for Papers for the 28th IPMA World Congress has resulted in over 300 submissions from over 30 countries (both Academic and Best Practice). A great result and our thanks goes out to all submitters for their effort. Due to the amount and the quality of the submissions the program teams face the challenging task of making the best selection. First notifications will be sent out soon (now estimated for mid-May--the notifications were delayed due to the volume of papers and the extension of the submission date).

Comments from the 28th IPMA World Congress LinkedIn Group
Great to hear that notifications of acceptances of papers are about to go out. What would this group think of our contacting a few of the presenters to ask their permission to post a copy of their successful abstract. . . . Perhaps one a week for 8-10 weeks. Could be that some real connections and good discussions could precede Rotterdam. -- Les Squires IPMA Research Board

Great idea Les. I put the suggestion forward to the team. -- Paul Hesselman, WC Organizing Team

What I like about this Congress' theme is that it addresses two things. The first is how to innovate. The second how to involve people. Innovation drives change. People are crucial for success! --Arthur Coppens bc.

This looks BIG -- I am looking forward to meeting up and discussing project challenges with colleagues across the globe. --Gavin Wyper, MBA

Gower Publishing offers 40 e-books of choice to the first 10 delegates to register in April, May, June and July.
Gower Publishing is a valued partner of the IPMA World Congress. They will not only be present with a PM Book Store at the World Congress in Rotterdam, but will also give away 40 e-books of choice to our delegates. The first 10 delegates to register for World Congress in each of the following months: April, May, June and July, may choose a free e-book from the Gower PM catalogue http://bit.ly/XmMzdN. So time your registration carefully and you can choose from a range of over 100 titles from classic project management books through to the most challenging and cutting edge works. Thank you, Gower Publishing!

Note that Gower Publishing also offers IPMA members a 25% discount on books at their website. Use this link to the IPMA section of the Gower website, and you now are eligible for a 25% discount when you use the code G13HZJ25 during checkout.

Global Young Crew Workshop 2014
Starting Friday September 26th to Sunday 28th the Global Young Crew Workshop will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. Preceding the World Congress it is limited to a maximum of 120 participants and already 25% is booked. More information will appear on the website of the World Congress soon. Stay tuned…

28th IPMA World Congress and the social media…
Stay informed about the latest development in our program and social events by joining our LinkedIn Group (http://linkd.in/1dLaFVi), link to our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/ipma2014worldcongress) or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/IPMA2014).

For any further information. including sponsor opportunities, please go to the 2014 IPMA World Congress website. Please share your thoughts and suggestions at any time. Our Dialogue will help us further innovate! We hope to meet you in Rotterdam!


5. A Case for Not Using Earned Value Project Management, by Jim Baber
We have a another new article by Jim Baber. As with his last article, it took him longer to get permission to share it than it took for him to write it. Jim presents a bit less-breathless, yet feisty view about Earned Value Management, while treating us to a fresh perspective about how Henry Gantt really served the cause of competent and performing project management. Thank you Jim!

Students of project management are familiar with the concept of a Gantt or bar chart and how it is displayed in modern scheduling software. While researching books for incorporation into an existing Earned Value Management class, I started noticing that much of the literature was consistently wrong in citing the first use of Gantt charts.

Henry GanttWhile this is not a significant issue impacting today’s projects, I did embark on further exploration of Henry Gantt and what I discovered about Mr. Gantt and his knowledge of plant efficiencies, resistance to change and tracking work, clearly showed he was well ahead of his time.

In some respects he is still ahead of his time. Businesses today are largely still unable or unwilling to do what Mr. Gantt did over 100 years ago and if they were able to perform his work tracking detail on their projects, it would have a profound effect on their bottom line and revolutionize their project management practices.

The misunderstanding of Henry Gantt in project management books and the poor textual content of the Earned Value Management literature will be the subjects of possible future articles. A case can be made that the volume of poorly written Earned Value management books are a contributing factor to the lack of knowledge and enthusiasm when considering an Earned Value project management system.

This article focuses upon why an Earned Value system should not be so readily suggested, and includes observations from the writings of Henry Gantt, who essentially employed an Earned Value Management-type of system ... More


6. Scientific Papers from 27th World Congress Now Available from Procedia
Gordana Blazevic, Croatia, has announced the publishing of selected Scientific Papers from the 2013 IPMA World Congress. Gordana (Goga) is Young Crew Croatia Chair and key leader of the team that, with Project Manager Mladen Vukomanović, organized one of the best-ever Congresses.

Procedia Journal106 of the best 2013 Scientific Congress papers have been published and are available online, as an issue of the Procedia Journal. You can find the issue at this link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18770428/119

On behalf of the 2013 IPMA World Congress organizers; Croatian Association for Project Management and International Project Management Association, we would like to thank you once again for attending, engaging and participating and thus making this congress a tremendous event.

John-Paris Pantouvakis, PM Greece, pioneered this relationship with Procedia for the 26th IPMA World Congress in 2012. The juried publishing of selected scientific papers helps IPMA move forward in research, academic citiation, and improving the practice of competent and performing project and program management. As mentioned in our January newsletter, see 49 Scientific papers from the 2012 Congress at this link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/18770428/74

We hope to see you all again this year, September 29th to October 1st, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (www.ipma2014.com).

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences--sciencedirect.com
Published in the online version of Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences at ScienceDirect.com, the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text journals.


7. Research Support Request From Russ Archibald, et. al.
Several months ago (topic 6, Nov-Dec 2013 newsletter) we publicized a special project that IPMA-USA Member Russ Archibald was pursuing, together with his son, Shane, and Ivano Di Filippo and his son, Daniele, both from Italy. Their purpose: To improve our understand of the "Soft Side" of project management. A massive effort, Russ and Ivano have engaged IPMA's Executive Board, and the consensus was that the project was very worthwhile, but a bit ambitious. They suggested scaling the effort into smaller stages.

As a result of Russ' team's rapid response, below we have the text of an email from IPMA VP of Research, Reinhard Wagner, to all IPMA Member Associations and friends in support of Russ's latest initiative. We invite all IPMA-USA members and friends to read Russ' latest condensation of his first-stage efforts, and then to participate in helping move PM practice forward. .

Dear Colleagues,
IPMA and all our Member Associations are dedicated to moving project management forward. Research is an increasingly important area, helping the profession to develop. Recently we received the attached advisory notice from Russell (Russ) Archibald, an APM-UK Honorary Fellow and friend of IPMA. He is asking for support. Please read the notice, get in touch with Russ if you have questions or want to support research in the area of project team performance. If you know someone interested in this topic please relay this note to them as well.

With kind regards
Reinhard Wagner,
IPMA Vice President for Research  


8. PM World Journal Updates for IPMA-USA, IPMA and Our PM Practice
Each month, when PM World Journal issues its newsletter, we can't help but queue up a dozen or more "must read" articles and news releases. And, because PM World Journal is the official Press Partner for both IPMA-USA and IPMA, we post many of our press releases and updates with PMWJ, increasing our exposure by 10x-20x. Below is our selection of must read articles and news items for April's issue.

Book Drawings: As the PM World Library continues to grow, PMWL Director David Pells has negotiated with book publishers to offer drawings for books. We repeat the March announcement of the book winners: PM World has announced the winners of their March drawing for free project management books among registered members of the PM World Library.  Nine people from seven different countries were among the winners of the random number drawing held for registered PMWL members on 26 March 2014.  Information about the free book drawings can be found at http://pmworldlibrary.net/monthly-drawing-for-free-books/.


9. Job Opportunity: Contract RETELL Business Process/Operations Manager
The State of Massachusetts is seeking a rennaisance information technology-oriented Project or Program Manager--one who combines PM skills with a large variety of additional skills. In keeping with IPMA-USA's policies of promoting first-party career opportunities (we do not post offerings by placement firms), if you live in the Boston area, we suggest that you review this job posting.

See the posting at the Mass. Human Resources Division link; it appears to be a very interesting position, if you meet the stated qualifications. Good luck!


10. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Seven deadly sins of professional irresponsibility
On the old TV show Hogan’s Heroes, whenever the reluctant prison guard Sergeant Shultz was confronted with an unpleasant responsibility, he predictably retreated. “I see nossing!” he’d declare. “I vas not here! I didn’t even get UP this morning!”

I thought he was hilarious. And today’s assortment of flawed comic book superheroes continue evoking delight as they get the job done, but not without a lot of immoral and deeply self-justified rule-breaking.

Despite its comical appeal in a sit-com or movie, however, professional irresponsibility in real-life is no joke. Workers who are emotionally adolescent, morally conflicted, or destructively brilliant are not only counterproductive to their own purposes; they are dangerous to the entire operation.

Competent, responsible and ascendant professionals are those who continue to hone their relational and technical skills for the benefit of themselves and their organization. Based on my own observations, they commonly avoid a number of problem behavioral patterns that I’ve assembled as the Seven Deadly Sins of Professional Irresponsibility. “Heed them, and prosper you will,” as Yoda might say:

Anyone can see that that's not going to be a pretty picture. Regardless of its entertainment value, however, selfishness is the most destructive of all behaviors, no matter what the setting ... More


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