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In This Issue
1. PM Change Agents Blog, More Than Project Take-off and Landing
2. IPMA World Congress Program Nearly Complete; Join us Sep. 29-Oct. 2!
3. The August 2014 UTD PM Symposium Trip Report and Wrap-up
4. Article: Project Levers and Gauges, by Stacy Goff
5. Resource Planning Summit, September 15-17, in New Orleans
6. International Project Management Day Coming November 6
7. Latest Industry Reports and Articles From PM World Journal
8. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. PM Change Agents Blog, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents blog embraces the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's blog posting; click the bold heading to see our latest.

More Than Project Take-off and Landing
In our previous post, Let’s Start at the Start, and Finish at the Finish, we left a teaser at the end. It’s the paragraph about the parts of an airplane flight that require the most pilot skill. We were “piloting” our parallel concepts for a paper we were writing for the August 14-15 UTD PM Symposium (see below). And now, we offer the rest of the parallel concept.

Five Crucial Value-add Timings and Results
Managing a project is much like piloting an aircraft. There are several crucial timings where deft leadership, talent, quick reactions and redirection are essential for success. There are other timings when we can run on “cruise control” and perhaps, even take part in completing project work packages or other actions. take-offAnd just when are those crucial timings?

Clearly, as illustrated in the photo at right, take-off (and landing) are among the crucial timings. And how does our piloting analogy relate to projects? Project take-off must begin with an effective Kick-off meeting—the first get-together of the team. And the landing? That has to be the Project Closure & Review, with review of results, then reallocation of the team to new projects. The results of these two crucial timings may be obvious, but in projects they include, for Kick-off, all stakeholders safely aboard the project, buckled in, and with a clear sense of direction, timing, commitment, and intended result ... More


2. IPMA World Congress Program Nearly Complete; Join us Sep. 29-Oct. 1!
PRESS RELEASE: The program for the 2014 IPMA World Congress, planned for Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is nearly complete. Over 30 Academic/Scientific papers are now in the program, and Congress participants can now begin planning the presentations of greatest interest. These papers are in addition to the 60+ Best Practice papers, 12 keynotes, and numerous poster sessions.

IPMA 2014 CongressOf course, as is traditional with IPMA World Congresses, we will have much more than this great daytime program! The evening events add to the excitement. Monday evening's Welcome Party, held in the magnificent Stadhuis Rotterdam (Town Hall), will be special. We toured the venue in our Site Visit last December, and this place is wonderful! Built in 1914-1920, it is one of the few buildings in Rotterdam that survived the bombing of May 14th, 1940. Afterwards we will introduce you to our IPMA World Pub, the place to meet other participants outside the congress venue.

Then the Awards Gala, featuring IPMA Project Excellence Awards, will be the highlight of Tuesday evening. Held in the oldest building in Rotterdam, the decommissioned Laurens Church. A very popular meeting spot, It has brilliant acoustics, and the second largest organ in Europe. Of course, the IPMA Family experience, wonderful dinner, and sterling dialogue, will accompany the celebration of IPMA Awards winners. Afterwards, it will be an easy hike back to your hotel room when the Gala is completed... or discos for the Young Crew and young at heart.

After the final keynotes on Wednesday, as the 28th IPMA World Congress winds down, we will introduce and immediately begin preparations for the 29th IPMA World Congress (see below), Then we will close with our traditional Farewell Party--the final event of the 2014 IPMA World Congress.

Global Young Crew Workshop
The program is complete for this 2014 IPMA Young Crew event, and it looks great! IPMA Young Crew is an IPMA organization for young project managers and students, and it is often the most vibrant part of IPMA. The Global Young Crew Workshop is the peak Young Crew event of each year. Held before the World Congress on 26-28 September, at the Congress venue in Rotterdam, you can see the stellar lineup of speakers at the Congress website. See the full program, (and sign up) at the event website.

Discounted Hotel Rates Expire September 12
The World Congress organizer has negotiated excellent rates at a range of hotels in Rotterdam. But those discounted rates expire on September 12. See the map of the World Congress venue and nearby hotels. Use the IPMA2014 code to see the remaining rooms and rates---but hurry, because some of the hotels have only a handful of rooms remaining. By the way, while the rates are listed for 1 adult, you can also request a room for doubles. Note that the official Young Crew hotel looks like a great value!

2015 IPMA World Congress
If, even with all our news throughout this year about the 2014 World Congress in Rotterdam, you have still managed to miss this year's event, here is a sneak preview for 2015: The 29th IPMA World Congress will be in Panama City, Panama, on September 30-October 2. Announcements in the final Congress sessions will include the celebration of the Panama Canal's 100th anniversary, IPMA's 50th anniversary, and Young Crew's 10th anniversary. Expect the Call For Papers in January-February 2015, and plan to attend!


3. The August 2014 UTD PM Symposium Trip Report and Wrap-up
This year's UTD PM Symposium was the best yet. You know that a conference with six streams is great when you have many occurrences of two or three sessions you want to see--that are concurrent! We solved that problem--in part--by warning the presenters, whom we know well, that we would be leaving partway through, to catch a conflicting session. Thus, members and good friends of IPMA-USA, such as Matt Piazza, Dennis Bolles, Darrel Hubbard and Darci Prado had time-shared participation from us. Looking their filled rooms, they probably didn't even notice our departure and arrival!

Sponsored by University of Texas at Dallas, the Dallas PMI® chapter, and David Pells' PM World Journal, this event, as we mentioned last Winter when we announced the call for papers, (as we say above) is consistently one of the best regional PM events of the USA. Even better, IPMA has had a keynote speaker in every one of the eight annual events. Usually, IPMA follows the PMI keynote speaker, and the contrast between the two associations' speakers is always noteworthy. This year, IPMA's keynote speaker was Andrew Bragg, APM CEO (APM is IPMA-UK). Andrew is also IPMA's VP of Administration and Finance.

Andrew presented on The Value of Project Professionalism, based on APM's "Five Dimensions of Professionalism. His presentation was impeccable, well-delivered, and very effective, given his wry humor and insightful presentation. By the first ten minutes he had the audience on the edge of their chairs, listening intently for his next insight or clever comment. He was, in our opinion, the best IPMA speaker we have had at this event, and there have been many great ones! Bravo, Andrew! For the rest of the day, countless people came up to Andrew and thanked him for his outstanding presentation! He did avoid directly mentioning the status of the APM Chartering initiative, a sore topic for one participant. We'll post the video of Andrew's keynote when we receive the link.

With an overall event theme, Maximizing the Value of Project Management, the event was recursive--demonstrating its own value to participants. With streams focusing on PMOs, Interpersonal Skills, Organizational Change Management, Agile, and other topics, the 2014 UTD PM Symposium really delivered the value. Thank you to the University, the Dalla PMI Chapter, to PM World Journal, and all the volunteers for a great event!


4. Article: Project Levers and Gauges, by Stacy Goff
This article was originally published on the IPMA-USA website in 2005, and it remains fully relevant today. We have made a few updates, and welcome your comments!

Vital SignsGovernments and Enterprises alike continue to try to do more with less. As a result, Faster and Cheaper are increasingly attractive themes. But these themes can result in poor project performance if you have no agreement about your priorities. It is even worse if you have few Project Managers with the competence needed to achieve the results.

This article points out the flaws of mistakenly attempting to control project Gauges, and identifies the benefits of more effectively managing the project Levers, so project teams and organizations achieve their targets.

Prioritizing the Key Project Factors. In our consulting practice, the first step we use in coaching the kick-off of large, complex and important projects is to prioritize the project’s key dashboard factors. The factors consist of six “Vital Sign” measurements, related to project knowledge areas: Time, Cost, Scope, Quality, Risk, and the right Human Resources, or Talent.

In the process, we engage a wide range of stakeholders in groups, including Sponsors/Steering Committees, Subject Area Experts, Managers, and those who will be affected by the project’s results. They achieve rank-ordered priority of the top three factors ... More


5. Resource Planning Summit, September 15-17, in New Orleans
IPMA-USA has participated in, spoken at, and had a booth at every edition of the Resource Planning Summit since its inception. This year, however, we are not participating. Why? Because this year, the event is too close to the IPMA World Congress, reported above. Because of our heavy involvement in preparing for the IPMA World Congress, we will miss this year's Summit. But we do encourage you to consider participating. Planned for September 15-17, in New Orleans (!!!), its meme is: the premier event for promoting the concepts and knowledge of Resource Management, Capacity Planning, and Demand Management, and how all this applies to Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

Resource Planning SummitWe like this event for a number of reasons, including the maturity and insights of its audience, typically decision-makers and resource managers in a wide range of industries, but with a focus on health/medical and technology. Sponsored each year by PDWare, a company that supports Portfolio Management from a Talent management point of view, it is always one of the premiere USA PM-related events of the year.

See more about Resource Planning Summit, with their excellent speakers and value-packed program at their website; or join the excitement at their LinkedIn group. We'll be back next year!.


6. International Project Management Day Coming November 6
IPMA-USA was one of the first supporters of the first International Project Management day, going back to 2004. And, we continue to support this noteworthy, and free, full-day virtual event. From its start, the event has been an initiative of our friend Frank Saladis. When he got IIL, the international pm training firm, involved, the event began to grow hugely! For a look at the event, see the IPMDay website. Scan the right-hand column of featured speakers, and you can see that this universal event is well worth your time.

The keynotes are live, with q&a afterwards, and most of the other sessions are pre-recorded---just to handle the huge volume of participants. The keynotes begin at 10AM Eastern, each with a duration of an hour; then continue at Noon, 2PM and 4PM. Between keynotes are the stream sessions; you cannot yet see timing of the stream sessions, but they will be available soon. The Speakers tab contains a list of all the sessions, with their high points. We encourage you to register now, because this event will have massive attendance.

Last year, IIL started naming this event IPMD, for International Project Management Day. Although the name is similar, this has no relationship to IPMA, the International Project Management Association, although IPMA supports the concept. We will admit that we have teased a bit, that ... the member nations of IPMA, who support year-round International Project Management competence, excellence, performance and results, are pleased to help highlight and celebrate one special day. Bravo IPMDay!


PM World Journal7. Latest Industry Reports and Articles From PM World Journal
IPMA-USA and IPMA have an important strategic relationship with PM World Journal. We work together to promote the practice of competent and effective project, program and portfolio management. We also post articless and press releases at the PM World Jornala, as a way to assure broad coverage of breaking news. We also encourage our readers to subscribe to the free 10 Day Trial to the PM World Library. This is an important repository of articles and papers from major events and project management associations from around the World.

Recent Articles and News of Interest
* UK Project Management Round Up; report by Miles Shepherd (including Royal Chartering Status)
* GPM Global Introduces the World's First Sustainability Assessment Model for Change Delivery, PSM3™
* Finalists for IPMA 2014 Project Excellence Awards announced
* Changepoint Acquires Daptiv (Daptiv is one of the first PM software packages)
* AXELOS to recognize PMI® and IPMA qualifications in applications for PRINCE2® Practitioner Qualification


8. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Intentionally the best
The other evening, my wife noticed a wing flailing on the ground behind our garden, and discovered a female osprey with her talons embedded in her right wing. After we extricated them could we see how broken the wing was, so we took her to the local wildlife rehab center, where she was treated. It's a sad story. But I began to wonder how many of us, like the osprey, snag our own upward mobility by unintentional acts that prevent us from soaring. That's sad too: because with just a bit of purposeful determination, we can avoid what drags us down, and aspire to higher horizons! Stay sharp! --Tim

Sometimes the best way to see an issue clearly is to take it to its hypothetical extremes. The heightened contrast between them better illustrates the best and worst in a concept.

At a recent seminar I attended, the facilitator asked the class for words and phrases that described our best and worst supervisors. Here’s how we answered:

As an employee, which of these would you rather have as a supervisor? As a supervisor, which would you rather be? ... More

Neutralize negativity to lead positively

While walking in the moist summer woods these days, I’ve come to expect some “in-your-face” time with more than just a few buggy pests. The swarms seem to know just where to find me, even as I’m moving along at a steady clip. But I’ve also learned to combat them by protecting my head with a cap, my neck and arms with a collar and sleeves, and my exposed skin with a bit of specialized repellent. That’ll stop em!

Well, not quite—but it does cut the getting-to-me irritation considerably! And I’ve found that the same type of defense also works with the human irritants—those who target us through a negative barrage of complaining, harping, undermining, and other attacks on our well-being and forward motion. See below for a special leadership blend of negative repellent that really works. Slather it on. Forward ho! --Tim

A particular duck hunter once had a prized Chesapeake Bay Retriever who not only loved water and was by nature a very happy and affectionate companion, but also possessed a one-of-a-kind skill: it could walk on water. One day the hunter invited an old friend to accompany him on a hunt to the marsh so he could show off his valued partner. After a little while, they shot a few ducks, which fell into the bay. The hunter sent Chessie after them, and his friend witnessed the amazing dog run on the water to fetch the birds. Expecting a compliment, but not receiving one, the hunter asked his friend if he had noticed anything unusual about the dog. “Yes,” he quickly replied, “your dog can’t swim!”

Negative people are as plentiful as biting flies in the saltmarsh—and just as inhospitable! So heed this tale, because those who see the hole instead of the doughnut are the ones who fortify problems over possibilities. Don’t expect encouragement or commendation from them: they cannot soar with you. They provide no support, thrust or lift—only drag ... More


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