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In This Issue
1. Change Agents Article: Are You PRO or an Amateur?
2. IPMA Congress Call For Papers Extended to 28 February
3. Tuning The Engine Is Great, But Only of Value If ... by Simon Harris
4. Complete an ICB4 Global Competence Survey; Win an iPad Mini!
5. Three Not-so-lazy Articles from Peter Taylor
6. Book Review: Better Practices of Project Management, by John Hermarij
7. Reminder: Call For Papers, Due March 14 for 2014 UTD PM Symposium
8. Applications Open for 2014 IPMA Project Excellence Awards
9. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. Change Agents Article, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents articles embrace the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's article; click the bold heading to see our latest.

Are You PRO or an Amateur?
TPROhe tongue-in-cheek title of this article, as many will recognize, refers to PRO, our Performance Rated Organization standard. This is one of the few organizational PM (Project Management) assessments that is not just another maturity model. Not that we dislike Maturity Models. We have used SEI CMM/CMMi for (gee, approaching 30) years, and like it a lot for Information Technology organizations.

Our purpose with this article is to introduce a much more effective model, to move organizations from accidental (and too-often amateurish) results in project management, to a more performance-driven approach that delivers the intended business benefits—in all projects and programs.

We believe that organizational project management effectiveness is not an arena for maturity levels—it is more like a performance chain—one that is as strong as its weakest link. What brings this article to mind are several recent events. First, we have seen an increased interest in PRO. Next, and this is probably related, we changed our intellectual property rights; in December we moved PRO to a more-open license, that anyone can use, and can build upon.

IPMA-USA’s PRO Standard now uses the Creative Commons License. You are free to: ... More


2. IPMA Congress Call For Papers Extended to 28 February
We announced this Call for Papers extension, offered by the World Congress organizers, in a special email to members in early February, and this is a reminder. In addition, in the member-only email, we announced a special code that allows members a 100 Euro First Early Bird discount, for an additional period. Contact us for more information. Note that this discount amounts to over twice the annual IPMA-USA membership fee.

IPMA 2014 CongressWe are pleased to invite you to the 28th IPMA World Congress from September 29th to October 1st in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This year’s theme is…Innovation through Dialogue. And, we are pleased to notify you an extension of the World Congress Call For Papers.

In 3 days, more than 120 experts from the business and academic worlds will share their experiences and insights about innovating the world through dialogue.

With already over 300 tickets sold, almost 200 papers submitted (both Academic and Best Practice), site visits to impressive projects and exciting social events we are on our way to making this the most comprehensive and inspiring PM event of 2014. All this in the City of Rotterdam, recently voted 10th in the list of 52 Places to Go by the New York Times.

Call For Papers Extended
As mentioned above, you have a bit more time to join the Dialogue: The IPMA World CongressCall for Papers is now extended to February 28. For those who are still interested in sharing their vision, knowledge and more on Project, Program or Portfolio Management at the next IPMA world Congress: You can still send in an abstract to our Call for Papers. The deadlines for submission are extended to February 28.

Send your proposal to our Academic Call for Papers (www.ipma2014.com/call-for-papers-academic) or to our Best Practices Call for Papers (www.ipma2014.com/call-for-papers-best-practices).

Global Young Crew Workshop 2014
Starting Friday September 26th to Sunday 28th the Global Young Crew Workshop will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. Preceding the World Congress it is limited to a maximum of 120 participants and already 25% is booked. More information will appear on the website of the World Congress soon. Stay tuned…

28th IPMA World Congress and the social media…
Stay informed about the latest development in our program and social events by joining our LinkedIn Group (http://linkd.in/1dLaFVi), link to our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/ipma2014worldcongress) or follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/IPMA2014).

For any further information. including sponsor opportunities, please contact either of us directly, or go to the 2014 IPMA World Congress website. Please share your thoughts and suggestions at any time. Our Dialogue will help us further innovate! We hope to meet you in Rotterdam,

Kind regards, On behalf of the organizing committee:
Joop Schefferlie, IPMA-NL. Email: [email protected]
Gert van de Donk, CKC Seminars. Email: [email protected]


3. Tuning The Engine Is Great, But Only of Value If ... by Simon Harris
Simon is back, after quite some absence, with another deep and insightful article! The part that follows the If... in the title above is ... you attach the wheels to the road. Enjoy with us Simon's rollicking style and insightful commentary in his latest article. Thanks, Simon!

The Business Journey to Success. Business success or ‘traction’ or “Attaching the wheels to the road” has many dependencies and many definitions.

One definition is ‘creation of value’ however measured. One dependency is on well-functioning teams. A functioning team is one with a shared understanding of, and commitment to, and skills to define and then create/ acquire results that lead to benefits.

Where We Need To Be. The froth that accompanies discussion of topics such as Agile and the angst that accompanies debate on the value of exams such as the PMP® masks the deeper issues whose resolution is needed to improve business performance.

If Agile and PMP were respectively wholly new and unreservedly useful then they would still only tune the corporate engine. Before any of that potentially enhanced power can be used we also need:

Well-functioning organisations (cross hierarchy, cross functional teams) need shared procedures so that team members can coordinate combining their domain specific expertise and authority to deliver the best possible project outputs and use them for the best possible outcomes.

Where we Are. Better development methods are only useful when the business can say what it wants and often it can’t (or we perceive so). Agreeing on a direction requires well-functioning teams that include those who can set direction and those who deliver operation’s value streams. It also requires engagement of those who coordinate progress and those who design and build the change’s component parts. Value is from the outcomes created by day-to-day use of project outputs not by better development methods in isolation of other factors ... More

======================================iPAD Mini

4. Complete an ICB4 Global Competence Survey; Win an iPad Mini!
As many of us know, an IPMA team is working on ICB4, the 4th edition of the IPMA Competence Baseline. As part of IPMA's legendary stakeholder engagement, the ICB4 team has compiled a survey, to be completed by Project, Program and Portfolio Managers--and managers of those persons.

One thing that many people don't know is that while the ICB is an increasingly-emulated foundation for advanced certification of individuals, it is also a foundation for learning and development, tracks in major events, and other uses. Don't know about the IPMA ICB®? Download a copy at the IPMA website.

This why we are interested in your insights and opinions. To collect them, the IPMA ICB4 team has released the 2014 PM Global Competence Survey. One of the first 500 people to complete the survey will win an iPad Mini! To learn more, and to see the link to the survey, which should take 10-15 minutes to complete, go http://ipma.ch/2014/ipma-icb4.


5. Three Not-so-lazy Articles from Peter Taylor Peter Taylor
Editor’s note: Peter was the Emcee (or “host”) at the IPMA World Congress, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. We’ve worked with Peter for almost five years, but this was the first time we’ve met. We’d recommend Peter Taylor as your event’s speaker or host any time!

This Month's Three Not-so-lazy Articles; Enjoy!
1. A new executive view
2. PMOs are there to make life better for PMs and for the business
3. Lessons Learned: Why don't we learn from them?


6. Book Review: Better Practices of Project Management, by John Hermarij
This is a review of the book and a "high five" to the publisher, Van Haren Publishing. Van Haren has been a long-time supporter of IPMA. For the 2013 IPMA World Congress, he not only served as a sponsor, with a booth or stand, he also supported the Global Young Crew Workshop. He did so in part, by offering Young Crew members-in-attendance a copy of this book. Some of us in old crew received copies as well. We hope to see Ivo Van Haren in the 2014 World Congress! --Review by Stacy Goff

With a subtitle, Based on IPMA Comptences, this Best Practice series book from Van Haren Publishing is the perfect User Guide to the IPMA Competence Baseline, 3rd Edition. Beginning with a high-praise Foreward from our good friend and IPMA-NL President, Joop Schefferlie, the book then follows the structure of the IPMA ICB. Many of us in IPMA-USA participated in the development of ICB, and, while we feel it is a great starting-point, many of the high-level references needed more explanation. We have even discussed the need for a BOK, a Body of Knowledge, that expands on the topics needing more coverage.

Of course, one does not just sit down and read a 600 page book for fun. Author John Hermarij identifies four key audiences, and then cites the parts that are most relevant for each--a nice approach for dealing with a nearly overwhelming onslaught of information. One audience John misses is those who have already been certified in a knowledge-based exam. For those, we suggest studying the sections on Behavioral and Contextual competence elements. This is what your professional association has decided to do, to move beyond the technical areas and embrace, as IPMA alway has, the factors that have the greatest impact on project and business success ... More


7. Reminder: Call For Papers, Due March 14 for 2014 UTD PM Symposium
Begin planning now to attend the 8th Annual UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, planned for August 14-15, 2014, in Dallas Texas. We have participated in most of the annual events so far, and believe it to be one of the best regional project management symposiums in the country. In 2013, IPMA VP of Education & Training Jesus Almela Martinez (Spain) provided a great keynote, and, IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff followed up with a Track session.

The theme of this year's event is Maximizing the Value of Project Management. Abstracts are welcome on any topics related to project management; however of greatest interest are the following topics: 

See the details for the Call For Papers at the event website. IPMA-USA strongly supports this event, and IPMA has been a featured participant, with a special keynote speaker for every year's event. If you have any questions about speaking or attending, please contact Stacy.


8. Applications Open for 2014 IPMA Project Excellence Awards
The IPMA awards recognize excellent projects from different industries and organizations worldwide. Excellent projects are recognized by going through the annual assessment process based on the IPMA Project Excellence Model. This year we would like to invite your company to take part in this prestigious event. 

As an Applicant you benefit from:Project Excellence 2014

As a Winner you gain: For more details visit the IPMA Project Excellence Awards website, or contact the IPMA Awards Office: [email protected]


9. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Let me tell you all about my narcissism! Or, How to Lose Friends and Repulse People
It's a TV show I've never seen and never intend to. However, I accidently caught a brief portion of the promo for Bridezilla's Marriage Boot Camp, which only confirmed that intention. In it, the wife, speaking about the relationship with her husband, declared, "We are both selfish… But I want what I want—and I will get it!"

Anyone can see that that's not going to be a pretty picture. Regardless of its entertainment value, however, selfishness is the most destructive of all behaviors, no matter what the setting ... More


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