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In This Issue
1. 2014 IPMA World Congress Update, Rotterdam, NL
2. Tight, Inflexible Deadlines: Scourge of Projects; by Stacy Goff
3. Elsevier Publishes Crete 2012 World Congress Papers
4. IPMA Q4 Newsletter Posted; plus other Events, and apfpm
5. Van Haren Publishing offers eKnowledge Resources
6. Giammalvo's PM Certification Comparison Study Updated; GPM Shines
7. Useful PM News and Insights From the PM World Journal
8. Subscribe to the 2014 International Journal of Project Management!
9. Reminder: IPMA-USA Requests Your Participation In a Doctoral Survey
10. Call For Papers, Due March 14 for 2014 UTD PM Symposiumt
11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. 2014 IPMA World Congress Call for Papers Due January 15
131129-pmwj17-28th-ipma-imgYou have just a few days remaining for the Call for Papers for the 28th IPMA World Congress on Project Management to be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 29 September to 1 October 2014. You can be a part of the leading world conference on project, program and portfolio management by submitting an inspiring academic or best practices paper. The Call for Presentations closes on January 15th, 2014.

The Academic and Research streams will have this main theme: Human factors in Project Management – The role, influence and understanding of ‘human factors’ within project, program and portfolio management will be the focus of the Academic and Research streams. Proposals must be according to guidelines at http://www.ipma2014.com/call-for-papers-academic/.

Site Visit Video
We met with the Congress Organizers in late December; see our 10 minute Site Visit Video, on YouTube! The video shares some of the secrets planned for the event. There is a shorter version, set to music, for a brief visual understanding of the venue.

First Early Bird Ends
If you missed the first Early Bird registration deadline, those who submit their papers by the January 15 deadline will be able to still receive a special code to register at the first Early Bird rate.

World Congress Organizers
The 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam is being organized by IPMA Netherlands (IPMA-NL), the acclaimed center of expertise for project management in the Netherlands. The primary goals of IPMA-NL are: Continuous improvement of the quality of project execution by optimizing the success of all Dutch projects and realizing the essence of excellent project management for the Dutch economy and employment.  More information at www.ipma-nl.nl. The President of IPMA-NL is Mr. Joop Schefferlie. Visit the 2014 congress website at http://www.ipma2014.com/.


2. Tight, Inflexible Deadlines: Scourge of Projects, by Stacy Goff
This is an update and republication of a 2007 article by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff. While it was timely in its original form, economic challenges of the last seven years seem to have made the frequency of occurrence of unrealistic deadlines even greater. In light of this, the irony of the mention of the Call for Papers deadline above struck us, as well!

Deadline: The line on the ground in a military prison, beyond which the prisoner shall be shot dead.
— Paraphrased from the Oxford English Dictionary

Do You Have Deadlines? Do your projects have unrealistically tight deadlines? Why? Where are your areas of flexibility? We’ve asked these questions for years of Executives, Project Management Office consultants, Program Managers, Project Managers and Team Members. All too often we hear that yes, many projects and programs do have deadlines, or unrealistic and inflexible dates by which they must be completed.

Defense Contractor programs may have deadlines that coincide with September Federal year-ends—if a buyer needs to spend money before the fiscal year is over. Some project deadlines relate to calendar year-end cycles; others relate to slow periods, or to the calm before the retail storm for holiday seasons. But in cases where individuals cannot cite the reason for the deadline, or when there appears to be no flexibility in other factors, such as more-available or more-skilled resources, or when funding and scope are also inflexible, unnecessary project risk results.

Inflexible deadlines may be evidence of frustrated Managers who feel they have no better way to control projects in their organization. The deadlines may be an attempt to cause the team to show the same sense of urgency Managers feel. Excessive use of deadlines in an Enterprise may result from a lack of communication or Management Malpractice—or both. Whatever the cause, it is not project manager competence ... More


3. Procedia Publishes Crete 2012 World Congress Papers
Selected peer-reviewed papers submitted to the 26th IPMA World Congress, Greece, 29-31 October 2012 have been published as volume 74 of the Procedia – Social & Behavioural Sciences Journal, published by Elsevier/Procedia and included in Scopus. As Prof. John Paris Pantouvakis, Ph.D., Chair of the 2012 IPMA World Congress points out, this achievement make it much easier for Educators to receive funding to support their participation in an IPMA World Congress.

Note that these papers are available for access by anyone. This is a good example of the way IPMA (and IPMA-USA, by connection) advances our practice--by openly sharing the papers from our premier event. As this is the first time a Scopus-listed journal devotes a volume to a project management conference, this also shows both the growing maturity of the discipline and the wider recognition of the IPMA World Congresses. The volume contains a representative sample of all papers presented in the eighteen streams of the congress. The papers are freely available at the Journal’s website.

On behalf of the organizers, 2012 Congress Chair John-Paris closed his notification of the published papers with the comment, "I would like to thank you for your contribution to the 26th IPMA World Congress and hope to connect again soon at the 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands!"


4. IPMA Q4 Newsletter Posted; plus other Events, and apfpm
The Member Associations of IPMA have been busy. In addition to the successful closure of the 27th IPMA World Congress in October, our Member Associations report a range of activities around the World. Read the retrospective and summary of a recent visit to Dominican Republic by LATNET, written by IPMA Exective Assistant and Young Crew Croatia Board Member Sandra Mišic. See the recent achievements of pma, IPMA-Austria (their initials are intentionally lower-case, just like IPMA-USA's). Ms. Brigitte Schaden, pma Chair, has been an IPMA VP, President, and Chair, and she keeps her Member Association very active.

Young Crew is active in Estonia, with assistance from Young Crew Finland, and from the international Young Crew Management Board Chair, Danial Collado. IPMA India, or PMA with capital letters, celebrates their Global Symposium, and the apfpm* Awards event in December in New Delhi, India. And pma Young Crew, not to be outdone by Austria's "older crew," celebrates "Taking the next steps," their theme for 2014. Finally, IPMA Awards is training new assessors for the IPMA International Project Excellence Awards, 2014. They announce their assessors training in Warsaw, Poland on 21-23 February 2014. See the latest IPMA Newsletter at the IPMA website.

IPMA Events to Investigate
IPMA Expert Seminar, Zurich 13 - 14th February 2014; share your expertise!
IPMA Advanced Courses, in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2014; See the Event PDF.
And, the 28th IPMA World Congress, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 29-October 1.

*We mentioned apfpm above. In addition to our IPMA relationship, IPMA-USA is involved with the Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management, a network of independent national project management associations across Asia and the Pacific region. apfpm acts as a facilitator in bringing together disparate associations to a single platform to help promote and develop Project Management both locally and regionally. It recognizes the strength and benefit that can result from effective collaboration.

Current national members of apfpm are Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, México, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, and USA. One benefit of apfpm for IPMA-USA and our members is that the organization connects us with other national association that are not IPMA member associations. This way, we can stay current with even more innovations in project and program management. See the September apfpm newsletter at the organization's website.


5. Van Haren Publishing offers eKnowledge Resources
We met with Ivo Van Haren at the IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik, and he continues to make "offers we cannot refuse" to IPMA members. At the World Congress, his company, Van Haren Publishing, offered copies of a great new book, Better Practices of Project Management, to IPMA Young Crew members. Written by John Hermarij, a prolific writer for Van Haren Publishing, this book is a perfect complement to IPMA Competence Baseline 3.0. It provides John's insights for each of the Competence Elements in IPMA's "eye of competence," technical, behavioral and contextual competences.

You can see a review of the book at the IPMA website; the very complimentary review, by Constanta Bodea (IPMA Romania, and past Education & Training Chair), suggests that this book is appropriate for all but the top "Level A" roles in IPMA's certification system. Our opinion: Get this book!

Mr. Van Haren is not stopping there. Working with IPMA's Education & Training Board, he is now offering an IPMA eKnowledge area, with, as IPMA cites it, "Free, high-quality content, with eBooks, sample exams, and white papers. We especially liked the templates for different types of project results. Go to his special IPMA library, and explore the documents that are currently available. You can narrow your selection with the check-boxes at the left on the page . Thank you Ivo!


6. Giammalvo's PPM Certification Comparison Study Updated; GPM Shines
Dr. Paul Giammalvo, one of our greatest advisors and critics, has published an update to his certification comparison study, and it produces very interesting results. He reports on his latest update at PM World Journal, where he has been a long-time contributor. We've liked Paul's work since his first edition, although we have always felt it was heavy on prerequisites, and light on breadth of the certification's coverage, and the rigor of the actual ceritifcation. He points out that it is not prerequisite-oriented, but instead, reflects the total effort to obtain each certification. When we wrote our Comparing PM Certifications article, we used Paul's work (with permission and with credit) as part of our input.

The latest version of the study now lists 40 different certifications. He differentiates between what he calls Exam-based and Competency-based certifications. And, he points out that he needed to expand the top end of the range to include two new Green Project Manager certifications at the top. Note that while we admire Green Project Management's accomplishments, this is not a fan-boy promotion of their certifications. Paul's survey is independent; we just like the fact that there is always room for improvement. We will point out that Joel Carboni, President of Green Project Management, is your IPMA-USA Vice President. You Rock, Joel!

As always, the quiet and shy Paul Giammalvo is open to suggestions for improvement in his study. And, he welcomes corrections to the ratings, if he has mis-interpreted the way you explain your certifications on your website. He even has suggestions for improving the clarity of your credentials. We agree with Paul's asssertion that if you are interested in program or project manager (or related) certifications--or even certifications about project management (there is a difference), you should study Paul's latest update. We highly recommend his explanation at at PM World Journal, or go to Paul's website and download, then review, items 27 and 28 in his downloads (item 28 is his PM World Journal article). Enjoy, and thanks, Paul!


7. Useful PM News and Insights From the PM World Journal
In addition to the January 2014 report by Dr. Paul Giammalvo, mentioned above, the News items below are from the January issue of PM World Journal, our Media Partner. We like to post our IPMA-USA newsletter after David Pells' stellar monthly effort, so we could catch up on all the news we missed over the last period. If you are not on the free subscription list, you can subscribe on the Subscription page.

And much more! Enjoy!


8. Subscribe to the 2014 International Journal of Project Management!
IJoPMWe are now taking orders for the 2014 International Journal of Project Management (a.k.a. the IPMA Journal and a.k.a. the IJoPM). IPMA-USA members received a notice last week, and the orders have been huge! If you have already replied, you need not do so again.

The IJoPM is the premier, juried journal for international Project and Program Managers. It is available to current IPMA-USA members only.

Because your IPMA-USA membership includes an IPMA membership, you can receive the print version of for a significant discount over 70% compared to the publisher’s individual rate. Instead of paying over $300, you can get your printed subscription of 8 issues—delivered to your postal box—for the IPMA-USA rate of just $79.

But is the IJoPM for you? If you are a PM Practioner who wants to stay on the leading edge of project practice, then the IJoPM probably is for you. You can decide for yourself by viewing a sample issue before you order.

The Journal section of the IPMA-USA website has instructions for seeing samples and for ordering. Anyone can see the samples. But only IPMA-USA members can subscribe. If you have questions, please contact us.


9. Reminder: IPMA-USA Requests Your Participation In a Doctoral Survey
IPMA-USA Life Member Kurt Harris, in his request email, said, "I hope to come up with findings that could be used by firms to improve their ability to obtain repeat business through improved interpersonal relationships. I realize that there are a lot of other factors that may contribute to success in repeat business, but I am focusing on interpersonal relationships at this point. Additionally I ask readers to also forward the survey to others in your network and organization so that I might be able to collect the broadest spectrum of input."

I would be grateful if you could complete the survey an as soon as possible; I greatly appreciate it. Please accept my personal and sincere thanks and appreciation, in advance, for your support."

Best regards, Kurt Harris; PhD Candidate
The Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Kurt_Survey


10. Call For Papers, Due March 14 for 2014 UTD PM Symposium
Begin planning now to attend the 8th Annual UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, planned for August 14-15, 2014, in Dallas Texas. We have participated in most of the annual events so far, and believe it to be one of the best regional project management symposiums in the country. In 2013, IPMA VP of Education & Training Jesus Almela Martinez (Spain) provided a great keynote, and, IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff followed up with a Track session.

The theme of this year's event is Maximizing the Value of Project Management. Abstracts are welcome on any topics related to project management; however of greatest interest are the following topics: 

See the details for the Call For Papers at the event website. IPMA-USA strongly supports this event, and IPMA has been a featured participant, with a special keynote speaker for every year's event. If you have any questions about speaking or attending, please contact Stacy.


11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Profiles in courage
At a public meeting of the Ross Township Supervisors in the rural Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania last August, a lone gunman with a simmering feud and a semiautomatic rifle opened fire indiscriminately into the meeting room.

At once, Dave Fleetwood, the Township’s Zoning officer, recognized the immediate danger for a woman he didn’t know and shoved her aside, taking two mortal shots to the stomach.

As wounded officials and attendees alike scrambled for nonexistent cover, the shooter returned to his car and exchanged his rifle for a handgun.

While tending to the fallen Fleetwood and manning a lookout, my friend and colleague Bernie Kozen warned everyone of the shooter’s return, and moved into a position to counterattack when he re-emerged in the doorway. Even while the madman was firing more rounds, Bernie tackled him and wrestled him to the floor ... More


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