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In This Issue
1. PM Change Agents Blog, Prototyping and Agile: Twins, Separated at Birth?
2. IPMA-USA Seeking Interested Participants for IPMA-USA Young Crew
3. IPMA-USA Certification Body Prepares for Growth
4. IPMA-USA Members to Vote for Board Candidates in late June, 2015
5. IPMA World Congress June Update
6. IPMA-USA's IPMA Certification Validation Report; by Bill Duncan
7. IPMA News and Updates From Around the World
8. IPMA-USA Jobs Board Has June Updates
9. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. PM Change Agents Blog, by IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff
Our Change Agents blog embraces the change that the practice of Project Management brings to the USA, and to society. We post below a teaser from this month's blog posting; click the bold heading to see our latest.agile_tightrope

Prototyping and Agile: Twins, Separated at Birth?
We've written before about the intelligent application of Agile methods in Information Technology (IT) projects: See part 3 of our 4-part 2011 series, The First 10% of a Project: 90% of Success, here in our ChangeAgents articles. This article is a follow up with more insights. And, much has happened since our earlier article.

Agile is maturing, and moving beyond the last-half-of-the-IT-life-cycle. For example, we have seen excellent discussions on the “hybrid” approach. This involves using Agile where it is most appropriate (and where the prerequisites are in place), and using other insightful pm methods where they are more appropriate. That approach in IT, plus increasing use of Agile concepts in areas such as New Product Development, shows promise.

I do still have concerns about a few agile zealots who insist upon contrasting Agile to Waterfall. Competent PMs disposed of Waterfall in the early 1980s. We also disposed, for the most part, of years-long, hold-your-breath-and-wait-forever IT projects. What did we replace them with? Three-to-six-month bursts (we called them iterations) that delivered prioritized useful business functions. Of course, we also identified most of the prerequisites for success ... More


2. IPMA-USA Seeking Interested Participants for IPMA-USA Young Crew
The American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (IPMA-USA) is the USA Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). IPMA is a global federation of over 55 Member Associations (MAs) and is the leading authority on competent project, program and portfolio management.

IPMA Young Crew
IPMA acts as a world governing body for project management certification, awards, education & training and research. IPMA also has a strong focus on new and developing project professionals; it forms "a key component of IPMA's growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow." These efforts are directed and coordinated through IPMA Young Crews – national and international networks of similarly minded project professionals and students up to age 35.

Events and initiatives which are organized by Young Crew members include:

2015 marks the 10th Anniversary of the creation of Young Crew. Through involvement with IPMA and international Young Crew events, senior IPMA-USA members have seen, and at times contributed to, young project managers growing their project management competences and leadership skills. Many of them are now project-oriented leaders in organizations across the world.

Young Crew USA
IPMA-USA is keen to take many of the lessons learned from Young Crew activities over the past 10 years and share them with early career project managers in the United States. Our aim is to offer a platform for individuals to engage with peers and senior project managers, build valuable project management skills, and provide access to a national and international network of like-minded individuals.

How Can We Achieve This? ... More


3. IPMA-USA Certification Body Prepares for Growth
CertificationIPMA-USA is pleased to announce some organizational changes in the management of its certification program. The program is run by PMCert, IPMA-USA's independently operated certification body.

Bill Duncan, who has been both PMCert Board Chair and Director of Certification since 2006, decided that he was unable to fulfill both roles to his satisfaction. After evaluating the options, he decided that he was better suited to the operational responsibilities of Director of Certification, and stepped down as Board Chair.

Bonnie Cooper was elected by the PMCert Board to fill the vacancy. Bonnie has over 20 years of progressively responsible experience planning and managing complex technology projects for the Massachusetts Medical Society and its flagship product, The New England Journal of Medicine. She is known at MMS for her ability to lead and mentor cross-functional teams that collaborate to achieve aggressive business goals. In her spare time, Bonnie is a regular instructor in several project management certificate programs.

The PMCert Board also added Neville Goedhals as a regular member. Neville started out as an accountant and auditor before discovering the joys of computers. After a turn as an Infantry Officer, he progressed from a Senior Principal Architect to CIO. He's managed projects in excess of $100 million in diverse verticals such as defense, State government, retail, communications, banking, and insurance. Neville was involved in the development of Agile Scrum and has authored numerous methodologies and standards. He now specializes in repairing broken projects, although he is more than happy to take on fresh development efforts that provide fewer headaches.

In addition to the Board changes, Tricia Hornback, Ph.D., has agreed to serve as Quality Manager. Dr. Hornback is an educator and social entrepreneur specializing in project and program management, value-driven sustainable enterprises, and organizational transformation. With over 20 years management experience in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors, she has served as the Director of the Oregon Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award, member of the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award advisory board, as a corporate executive, and as the C.E.O. of Inspera Incorporated. Currently, Tricia is the lead faculty member responsible for Project Management at George Fox University, Department of Professional Studies.


4. IPMA-USA Members to Vote for Board Candidates in late June, 2015
As you know, IPMA-USA is a professional organization dedicated to the improvement of our practice, and run by volunteers from the project management community. These member volunteers drive the strategy and direction of our organization. We base our efforts on what our members and our stakeholders see as the most pressing problems facing the practice of project management.

Each year a third of our Directors and Officers come to the end of their terms and we call upon IPMA-USA members with vision, energy, and who are willing to serve, to take their place. The Board is currently accepting nominations for the positions listed below. Each position serves a three-year term; you can click on a position below to learn more about it.

This year's election is planned for the end of June. Please watch for your ballot (sent via email), and please vote!

Thank you!
Stacy Goff, President -- IPMA-USA (IPMA-USA)


5. IPMA World Congress (September 28-30) June Update
Westin Playa BonitaPanama City, Panama – The World Congress Agenda is nearing completion, with Professional Speaker tracks soon to be announced. The Scientific paper submissions will also be announced soon.

The LATNET tracks already appear on the agenda. LATNET is the network of collaborating Latin American countries that benefit from IPMA Member Associations.

Of course, the Evening events are just as rewarding as the daytime sessions in all IPMA World Congresses. And, participants are encouraged to learn the words of the song we will sing the first night. And, a highlight will be the third evening, as we all celebrate IPMA's 50th anniversary--celebrating the world's first project management association.

Plan now to join us in Panama, September 28-30, 2015 for the first-ever American IPMA World Congress! While this global peak experience has been held in Australia, India and China, in addition to European offerings, this is the first time that the IPMA World Congress has come to The New World.

For those who are interested in Young Crew, IPMA's young project leaders program, see the agenda for our September 26-28 Global Young Crew Workshop.

Important dates

Learn More at the IPMA 2015 World Congress Website! See you in Panama, 28-30 Sept.


6. IPMA-USA's IPMA Certification Validation Report; by Bill Duncan
CertificationIn mid-March, IPMA-USA hosted a visit from Per Frank Povlsen of Denmark and Gerrit Koch of Holland as part of IPMA's Certification Validation process. Per Frank and Gerrit performed an ISO 9001-style quality audit to verify two things: that IPMA-USA's documented certification practices comply in all respects with IPMA's Certification Regulations and Guidelines, and that IPMA-USA has implemented those practices as documented.

IPMA's regulations are based on ISO 17024:2012, Conformity assessment — General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. IPMA's validators use an 88-item checklist that covers everything from alignment with IPMA's Individual Competence Baseline (ICB) to privacy controls over candidate records. All of their recommended improvements were administrative in nature: no fault was found with our assessment practices.

Although IPMA allows 9 months to implement the recommended improvements, IPMA-USA's crack team had implemented everything but the internal audit within 2 weeks of the completion of the validation visit! We've been assured by IPMA that we will receive our Validation Certificate at the next IPMA Council of Delegates meeting in Panama this September.


7. IPMA News and Updates From Around the World
As part of our "two memberships in one" in addition to other IPMA news in this newsletter, we present some of the latest featured news items. We mentioned the IPMA World Congress above, planned for September 28-30, in Panama, and here's more, below. Enjoy the IPMA Family!


8. IPMA-USA Jobs Board Has June Updates
We have four new job postings at the IPMA-USA website:

Get the Job Opening details in the Membership section of the IPMA-USA website. Note: Our last three jobs postings were successful for the organizations seeking talented project or program managers. Thank you!


9. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project success, what are we doing about it? In addition to practicing those skills, we feature Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

Advancing from eligible to qualified to successful
Leadership Living pole vaultI once received this real cover letter by a hopeful but clueless job applicant (quoted here exactly):

Dear [Mr./ Herd
Throughout my tenure [at specific name of company, with my current employer,] I frequently had the opportunity to use my [skill or skill set] and I'm proud that [I, we] were able to [grow size of business, increase productivity, increase sales, meet deadline]…

Unfortunately, it went on like that for another three agonizing paragraphs! I'll spare you the rest.

Eligibly Proficient
Back when I was a fresh Know-It-All out of college, and the Whole World was open to me, and I needed a Job, but I had no Experience, yet I had the Best Can-Do Attitude In The World, I wondered why I was still Broke and Jobless.

In a word: Unqualified. Not too much unlike the clueless cover letter writer ... -- More

How to confront someone... without making things worse
Leadership Living how to confrontWhich makes you cringe more?
a. Fingernails scraping a blackboard. (Aarrrgh!)
b. Biting into aluminum foil. (E-youch!)
c. Confronting someone. (Nooooo!)

I'm going to be blunt here: The purpose of confrontation is to effect a positive resolution. But to most people, that's not the immediate implication. Many will declare they do not like confrontation, they don't do well with confrontation, or they avoid confrontation whenever they can. The mere thought of it provokes a very strong adverse reaction. (Let's not and say we did!)

Why? Because what we often fear is the terrible conflict and angst a confrontation can generate. Yet strife need not be a part of an effective confrontation. As leaders, it's our job to shepherd our most valuable resources—our people—to attain the goals we've set together. But let's face it, people are people, and conflicting differences in attitudes and behaviors happen. And when things go off-kilter, we need to fix them ... -- More


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