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Welcome to IPMA-USA's September-November, 2015 Newsletter!

This opt-in Newsletter is from IPMA-USA, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management. We are the USA member association of the International Project Management Association. Enjoy!

In This Issue
1. Message from our IPMA-USA President, Joel Carboni
2. IPMA-USA Events for 2016: Mark Your Calendar!
3. IPMA World Congress (September 28-30) Closing Report
4. IPMA-USA Certification Updates, from William Duncan
5. Updates From Meg Infiorati, IPMA-USA Director of Standards
6. PM-SAT, IPMA-USA's PM Self-Assessment Tool, Updated to IPMA's ICB4
7. Two Articles, One on EVM, the Other from the 2015 UTD PM Symposium
8. Goff Named IPMA Honorary Member
9. IPMA-USA Presents at 2015 IPMA World Congress in Panama
10. IPMA-USA Website Updates, and Members Only Area
11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership

1. Message from our IPMA-USA President, Joel Carboni
JoelGreetings! I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the new and exciting things that we have been working on for 2016.

In October, our executive board met in Panama during the IPMA world congress and made the decision to change our website branding from asapm to IPMA-USA.  We have been the IPMA member association for the United States for many years. However, as we will be introducing new IPMA products, such as the ICB 4, IPMA Achievement Awards, and Project Excellence Baseline, it makes sense to have our name be synonymous with the programs we offer. Look for more on this in the coming months!

In 2016, we will co-host a symposium, offer opportunities to learn the new IPMA Project Excellence Baseline and return with our Dialogue series. The Dialogue series will be a Monthly online forum to share knowledge and on topics of interest to project management in a friendly and open format. Our first Dialogue is scheduled for December 16th and will be on the new IPMA ICB4, Individual Competence Baseline. Look for more information on how to join the Dialogue next month.

As a member-driven professional organization we exist to serve you and are looking forward to offering new programs and services to propel the project management discipline forward.

Speaking of moving forward, watch for the IPMA-USA member survey, coming to you in the next ten days; we need to know what is most important to you. When you receive your email with the link to the survey, please take the five minutes needed to share your preferences and opinions with us!

Thank you,
Joel Carboni, IPMA-USA President


2. IPMA-USA Events for 2016: Mark Your Calendar!
IPMA-USA ProjectExchange event near Detroit, April 13-14
This two-day session has two directly-related themes, from the perspective of a range of audiences. Participants can select one or both days. With the overall theme, Harnessing Education and Competence to Master Tomorrow's Project Challenges, the event benefits Industry Participants (HR VP's, Enterprise Academies, Project and Program Managers, and Educational and Learning Providers (Training companies, Colleges, Universities). Bringing together global experts in the topics with leading enterprises that are practicing the themes, the event consists of presentation, panel discussions, small-group dialogue, survey, and discussion of results. Mark your calendar now, and watch the IPMA-USA.org website and our LinkedIn group to learn more details, as our speakers are confirmed, and to register.

International Project Excellence Assessors Training, 3 days, near Detroit, April 10-12, 2016
aw_pe_logo-300x171 Professional assessment of the projects applying for the IPMA Project Excellence Award is possible thanks to IPMA's mature process of training and mentoring. We constantly turn years of experience into action. That's how we make sure that all of the applying projects have a chance to be assessed according to the highest standards.

IMPORTANT: Due to the introduction of the new IPMA Project Excellence Model this assessor training is obligatory for all active assessors. Audience: Existing Awards Assessors; New candidates for IPMA Awards Assessor, and Project Managers and PMO offices who are interested in submitting their projects to the award process. Also, Corporations' Internal Consultants who wish to benchmark and improve Project Excellence, benefiting from the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline.

IPMA-USA Launches 2016 Webinar Series: 3rd Wednesday of Each Month
Interested in international project management? Want to be on the forefront of important trends globally? Join IPMA-USA (asapm) for an engaging, fast-paced webinar series that you can watch anytime. 

IPMA-USA is pleased to announce the 2016 Dialogue Series, a periodic, live webinar series dedicated to exploring topics of the International Project Management Association. Based in the USA, IPMA-USA is the US member association of the International Project Management Association, the oldest and largest association of its kind, with more than 62 nation-members. 

The Dialogue Series will explore international trends, projects, and also provide helpful hints and opportunities to our audience. In this increasingly connected world, IPMA plays a vital role in shaping the trends, tools and dialogue in international project management. Now, we are bringing this focus to the USA! 

The series is designed to be short and focused, around 30 minutes per episode. We will have interviews and presentations on a wide range of topics. As the name states, this is intended to be a dialogue with anyone interested in exploring international project management. Executives and managers, job seekers and networkers, business owners and, of course, project teams: all are welcome!

The first three events in the lineup are as follows:

  1. January 20 2016 - IPMA Project Excellence Baseline
  2. February 17 2016 - Getting IPMA Certified
  3. March 16 2016 - Meet the New Individual Competence Baseline 

Watch the IPMA-USA website for registration details; to learn more about IPMA-USA and IPMA, please visit:


3. IPMA World Congress (September 28-30) Closing Report
Panama CongressPanama City, Panama, 1 October 2015. Report by Jouko Vaskimo (Finland). Mr Reinhard Wagner, International Project Management Association (IPMA) President, and Mr José E. Reyes G., Asociatión Panameńa de Gestion de Proyectos (APGP) President, opened the 29th IPMA World Congress at Panama City, Panama, on 28th September 2015. The theme of the 29th IPMA World Congress, the first one to be organized in the Americas, was The way to project management in a multicultural context. Mr Tom Taylor, Association for Project Management (APM) President, performed the duties of Master of Ceremonies at the congress plenary sessions, including opening and closing ceremonies.

The congress comprised an extensive system of plenary sessions with keynote presentations by renowned experts in project management, parallel streams with practitioner and scientific foci, and a generous offering of social events surrounding the official congress program. See Jouko's full report at PM World Journal's website. Thank you Jouko!


4. IPMA-USA Certification Updates, from William Duncan
Certification Design Doings
IPMA Level BDuring its meeting in Panama, IPMA's Council of Delegates approved the latest version of the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4) and the International Certification Regulations (ICR4), the two core documents supporting IPMA's Four Level Certification (4-L-C) program.

IPMA-USA is one of several Member Associations that have been chosen to participate in a pilot program to evaluate the impact of implementing the new components. Our plan is to start offering certification based on ICB4 by mid-2016.

ICB4 includes several significant new features:

ICB4 can be downloaded for FREE from IPMA's website here: http://products.ipma.world

Certification Website Doings
We've updated several pages on the website, especially those describing the written exams for Levels C and D. If you'd like to understand more about how our exams are different, stop by here:

Re-certification Doings
We've just about finished testing our recertification procedures. We will soon be contacting individuals whose certifications have expired to offer them the opportunity to recertify.

Recertification requires evidence of the following:


5. Updates From Meg Infiorati, IPMA-USA Director of Standards
ISO TC/258 Committee: Dr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards for IPMA-USA has been selected to serve on the ISO TC/258 committee. This committee is developing international standards for the field of project management, programme management, and portfolio management. In addition to working on the organization's business plan, she will be an active member contributing to the new Earned Value, Work Breakdown Structure, and Competencies subcommittees as well as providing reviews to in-progress committees including Vocabulary and the update to the 21500 Standard. It is our intention to engage members of the IPMA-USA as allowed by the ISO regulations on questions of interest to members of the IPMA-USA. Stay tuned for more details as Dr. Infiorati becomes more engaged!

Project Excellence BaselineProject Excellence Baseline (PEB): Dr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards for IPMA-USA will be offering a webinar, tentatively in January, on the new Project Excellence Baseline (PEB), recently released alongside the new ICB4. The PEB is used for several purposes within the IPMA world. First, as an individual guide to delivering project excellence, the PEB supports an individual's ability to assess themselves and implement "excellence" processes and developed new innovative ideas and approaches.

The PEB has evolved along with the IPMA award program as well. Individuals who take the 3 day PEB training program, tentatively planned for April 2015, utilize the PEB in assessing projects that are submitted to the IPMA Awards program. Individuals participate in teams of 5 as volunteers assessing some of the world's largest projects, all the way to some of the world's smallest including humanitarian programs, for evidence of project excellence in performing and completing their tasks. Finally, the PEB is utilized by a number of organizations as one contributor to PMO offices for assessing excellent project delivery. Stay tuned for the exact dates for the Dialog Series Webinar on the Project Excellence Baseline. Read more about the PEB and the IPMA Award programs at www.ipma.world.


6. PM-SAT, IPMA-USA's PM Self-Assessment Tool, Updated to IPMA's ICB4
PM-SATOur PM Self-Assessment Tool has been a popular resource for savvy project managers, resource managers, learning and development managers, and PMO managers who seek the right talents in project teams as another way to manage risk. ICB4, the recently-released IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, for Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers, is now available to the public for browsing or download at the IPMA website. As proponents for years for ICB inclusion of Key Competence Indicators (KCIs) for each Competence Element, we have quickly updated our PM-SAT to include those KCIs.

We divide PM-SAT into three sections, because most people have difficulty in evaluating more than 50-60 competence criteria at one time. So you can select the area where you think you can improve the most, and focus on it, or complete the entire assessment in three sequential sessions:

The PM-SAT Rating Scale's basis is the cognitive processes of Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning (the 2001 update is especially relevant for adult learners). Levels 5 and 6 are evaluated in Certification Assessment, but are beyond the scope of PM-SAT's assessment for learning and development. Why, because you develop) those higher levels beyond the classroom.

If you want to find out more about the updated PM-SAT version, or if you have never explored it, visit the PM-SAT page at the IPMA-USA website.


7. Two Articles, One on EVM, the Other from the 2015 UTD PM Symposium

Earned Value Management: Contemporary Trends in Research Approaches, by Cole J. Kupec II

“Earned Value Management is a methodology for determining the cost, technical, and schedule performances of a complex program or project by comparing work that is planned with work that is accomplished in terms of the dollar value assigned to the work (Damaré & Peterson, 2005).” Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management tool set used to manage the cost, schedule and scope of a project. To effectively gather and analyze data generated from the EVM process requires training in the fundamentals of the acquisition process and the fundamentals of EVM metrics. (Damaré & Peterson, 2005) ...More

Today's Most-Competitive PM Teams: Shining a Light on Next-Gen PM Practices, by Stacy Goff
Shining a LightIn every generational change, the seeds of success are sown by the pioneers in prior generations. For example, many foundations of the last fifteen year's popular project management topics, including agile pm, business analysis, strategic alignment, and applied leadership and interpersonal skills in projects, were the competitive advantages of leading companies and agencies of 1985-2000. Further, the recent interest in "PM 2.0" merely showcases the frequent practices of PM innovators of the last 30 years.

The practice of professional project management has now seen four 15-year generations, with different areas of emphasis in each new generation. Given this history, this session provides a series of vignettes that shine the light on past and current-generation elite and competitive practices that are now mainstreaming to form the Next-Gen commonly-accepted practices in project and program management. (Note: This article was originally presented as a paper at the 2015 UTD PM Symposium) ... More


8. Goff Named IPMA Honorary Member
IPMA honorary fellow Colorado Springs, CO, 1 October 2015—At the 29th IPMA World Congress, held September 28-30, IPMA-USA past President Stacy Goff was named an IPMA Honorary Fellow. Shown in the photo at right, are the three recipients of the honor this year: left to right, Stacy Goff (USA), Roberto Mori (Italy) and Tom Taylor (UK). Congratulations to all!

Goff, Mori and Taylor have served IPMA, their member associations, and the practice of project and program management in four categories of service required in IPMA’s guidelines:
a) Service to our practice, our stakeholders, and society;
b) Contributions to the advancement of our discipline, through innovations, papers, and presentations;
c) Service to the nation (USA), and the national Member Association, eg.: IPMA-USA;
d) Service to IPMA, serving as project manager or team member, working group member, or one of IPMA’s Boards.

IPMA-USA co-founder Bob Youker was named an IPMA Honorary Fellow in 2013; Stacy continues to follow Bob's inspiration. Stacy thanks the IPMA-USA board, who nominated him, IPMA’s current Executive Board, who approved the nomination, the Council of Delegates, who voted to honor him, Robero and Tom, who are outstanding contributors, plus the many other volunteers in the IPMA Family who continue to contribute to IPMA-USA’s and IPMA’s vision, both of which seek A World Where All Projects Succeed. See IPMA's news release of this Honorary Fellow Award, written by Jouko Vaskimo, at PM World Journal's website.


9. IPMA-USA Presents at 2015 IPMA World Congress in Panama
As mentioned above, the 2015 IPMA World Congress was great! IPMA-USA had three speakers who presented in several streams.

For those who could not participate, we recorded two of the sessions. Our great thanks to IPMA-USA member Les Squires, who, despite poor lighting and a crowded room, recorded the presentation of Joel Carboni, and Stacy Goff. Thank you Les! See Les' video of Stacy's presentation in our YouTube channel. A pdf of the slides is available here on our website; and the Periodic Table of Project Management Competence Elements, now updated for ICB4, and also in pdf format, is available here.


10. IPMA-USA Website Updates, and Members Only Area
Recent changes at LinkedIn, and in the IPMA-USA website, create the need to explain a bit about the site changes, and very importantly, the IPMA-USA Members Only area. First, LinkedIn eliminated sub-groups, so our LinkedIn Members Only subgroup, that was part of our IPMA-USA group, was dismantled. We had set the LinkedIn sub-group to provide member access to special goodies that are not available to the general public.

Plus, as part of our longer-term plans, we have been updating the infrastructure of the IPMA-USA website, with several objectives:
1. To make the site more responsive--working more effectively with mobile devices.
2. Provide easier ways for members to join, renew, or change a password or contact information.
3. Increase the ease of accessing all our rich and useful certification information.
4. Improve power and usefulness of our Competence Enabler program.
5. Transfer our Members Only area from LinkedIn to our IPMA-USA website.

We are still completing some of these improvements; we are in fine-tuning mode now. So it is time to show, for those who have not logged in to our website, what is in the Members Only Area.

For members, see this link that explains more about Member Login and what you'll find in our Members Only area!


11. Featuring Tim Herd in Our Series on Leadership
Leadership Learning Logo
Now that most organizations and PM practitioners have figured out that the so-called "Soft Side" is key to project and program success, what are we doing about it? In addition to promoting and practicing those skills and competences, we close our newsletter by featuring insights by Tim Herd, who shares his perspectives on Leadership.

How to soar over the ruins of stinkin' thinkin'
ThinkerWhen my overcrowded local library was looking to expand, it wasn't the people interested in improving themselves and their community who came out against it, of course, but only those who weren't, or who refused to see the value in a better resource.  Some people, bluntly put, prefer ignorance. The worst even take pride in it!

I had a grand-uncle I loved, but his thinking was less than grand. With all his creative ideas, when asked why he didn't get involved in local organizations to make the differences he talked about, he famously declared "What this world needs is a benevolent dictator. And I'm just the man to do it!"

See, if things couldn't be done his way--and without question--then he wouldn't have any part of it. That's a shame. There's a place for small thinking--bonsai growers, nuclear physicists and silicon chip manufacturers, to name a few. But for progressive leaders and managers, small-mindedness is a fatal affliction.-- More

How to destroy the debilitating effects of (gulp!) ignorance within
Ignorance withinIgnorance is debilitating. Being ignorant does not mean a person is stupid or unintelligent. It simply refers to knowledge not possessed, like a little child who is ignorant of how to drive a car. I myself am ignorant of a great many things, including international macroeconomics, internal medicine, and my way around the kitchen. However, if I were to act in them despite my lack of understanding I would inevitably prove to be imprudent, unwise and sorry! Ignorance breeds foolishness.

Ignorance fosters fear. A Chapman University Survey on American Fears concluded that people with lower levels of education exhibited significantly higher levels of fear in nine different categories (safety, anxieties, victimizations, phobias, etc.). Far from stopping the bad from happening, fear instead prevents good things from materializing. Fear through ignorance discards choice and opportunity, deters risk and innovation, and disallows achievement and success. -- More


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