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Section A: IPMA-USA News
1. Celebrating This 15th Anniversary of IPMA-USA
2. 2016 Board of Directors Call for Nominations, Due July 5!
3. IPMA-USA Certification Program Upgrades to Latest Version! Report by Bill Duncan
4. Webinar, July 20: If there's no 'I' in team ...Who's sitting at the table?
5. Speaking of Anniversaries: IPMA Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

Section B: 15 Years of IPMA-USA Articles (below)

Section A: IPMA-USA News

1. Celebrating This 15th Anniversary of IPMA-USA
15th AnniversaryFive years ago, 4th of July, 2011, on our 10th Anniversary, we did a retrospective, including recognition of our founders, and a recap of our original Five Foundations for realizing our vision as a professional association. Since then, we have expanded our vision to an even more ambitious one: A world in which all projects succeed.

On this 15th Anniversary, it is appropriate to look back at our founding principles, and to see how much we have helped to change the practice of project and program management--even other professional organizations have now adopted our differentiating strategies and approaches. Below is the introduction to our 10th Anniversary Change Agents posting.

[From our 10th Anniversary Change Agent Blog.] On July 4, 2011 we celebrate IPMA-USA's ten-year anniversary. We reflect on our intentions, progress, and achievements in our first ten years—and then, look ahead at the next ten years. This article focuses on our intentions; but we cannot help but mention our progress. Not only have we helped to advance the practice of project and program management (an ongoing goal), we have inspired others to follow our lead: They are now also promoting (their own interpretation of) most of our Five Foundations, and many of our innovations.

We founded IPMA-USA after having been among the key drivers of success of other professional organizations, including Project Management Institute (Institute in the rest of this article). Many of us remained members of that great organization, and still do to this day. But we felt it was time for change. And what are project managers, if not change agents?

The Need For Change
Factors in 2000-2001 contributing to the need for change were many, and a handful of them became our rallying points; they were also ingredients for our business case analysis in deciding whether to found a new organization, or to continue working to improve existing ones.


2. 2016 Board of Directors Call for Nominations, Due July 5!
This email was sent in late June to IPMA-USA members in good standing. This is a reminder, for your convenience.
IPMA-USA is a fast growing, professional organization dedicated to and run by volunteers from the project management community. Our members drive the strategy and direction of IPMA-USA, participating in national and global events, and help drive growth based on what the community and our members see as the most pressing opportunities facing the practice of project management.

We are calling upon you, our IPMA-USA members with vision and energy who are willing to serve on our board of directors. Any member can serve! If you are reading this and thinking you would like to get involved, email our Election Chair!

The Board is currently accepting nominations for the position listed below. Each position serves a three-year term.
Officer positions that are up for nomination are:

Board positions that are up for nomination are:

Position descriptions may be found on the IPMA-USA website, here.

If you wish to nominate yourself, or someone else (with their permission) please review the Responsibilities and Duties (follow the links provided above). Then, submit a short Statement of Qualifications and Statement of Goals for the position. These will be included in the IPMA-USA website and with links in the election ballot.

Submissions should be sent to IPMA-USA President Joel Carboni
Elections Timing

Thank you!


3. IPMA-USA Certification Program Upgrades to Latest Version! Report by Bill Duncan
Last September, at its meeting in Panama, IPMA’s Council of Delegates approved version 4 of both the Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4) and the International Certification Regulations (ICR4) which govern IPMA's Four-Level-Certification (4-L-C) System.

Level A CertificationStarting … NOW! … IPMA-USA's Certification Program will be based on these new standards. Approximately 100 documents and 30 webpages have already been updated. We are ready for YOUR application!

Under the new regulations, we will subdivide our IPMA Level A® offering according to domain. The new titles are Certified Project Director, Certified Program Director, and Certified Portfolio Director. All three credentials will still require five years of experience of which at least three must have been directing highly complex projects, programs, or portfolios at a strategic level.

We will also offer two new credentials at IPMA Level B®: Certified Senior Program Manager and Certified Senior Portfolio Manager. This will allow professionals in these two domains who don't qualify for Level A to obtain a performance-based, IPMA 4-L-C certification.

Some aspects of the assessment process will change as well. For example:

All assessments under the upgraded system will be done against the 29 Competence Elements and 133 Key Competence Indicators of ICB4. You can get more information about this new, global standard here:


4. Webinar, July 20: If there's no 'I' in team ...Who's sitting at the table?
Presenter: Dr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards, IPMA-USA.

It is no longer enough to have the job skills that make you perfect to perform a task. Today, the capability to be a high functioning team member is just as important. But unless you took psychology as an elective, and personality psychology specifically, it is unlikely that you’ve had the opportunity to understand how people function in a social group, in our case the group is a work team.

Webinar Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

: 3:00PM EDT, for one hour
Cost: No charge; limited seats available; book soon!

Register Now!

The topics we will discuss include:

1. What are the different personality traits that you or others demonstrate in team activities, and how that affects team success
2. How to identify different personality types and work with those that are different from yours
3. The benefits to you, your team, your organization by acknowledging the ‘personality’ value of the many ‘I’s’ on your team

Learn More About This IPMA-USA Webinar!


5. Speaking of Anniversaries: IPMA Celebrates 50th Anniversary!
IPMA 50 yearsAt the 2015 IPMA World Congress in Panama last September, there were many exciting events and announcements, including the unveiling of the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, 4th Edition, ans mentioned by William Duncan, above. And, the event celebrated multiple anniversaries:
* The 50th Anniversary of IPMA; the world's first professional Project Management association;
* The 10th Anniversary of the IPMA Young Crew, a movement for young leaders in our practice;
* The 10th Anniversary of the IPMA Project Excellence Awards, an exclusive recognition program.

To commemorate these anniversaries, a project team (naturally) led by Ms. Sandra Mišić (Croatia), worked with IPMA Member Associations to produce an historic book. The book was distributed to Congress attendees, and now we are able to share it (in electronic format) with you.

Download your copy, in pdf Adobe Acrobat format, from our website. You can find a summary of each IPMA Member Association; it makes for interesting reading, to see the diversity of the top Project and Program Management associations of each nation. You can find the USA on page 100 (page 103 of the pdf file). Note that this publication refers to us by our legal name, American Society for the Advancement of Project Management. Today, our brand name is IPMA-USA.


Section B: 15 Years of IPMA-USA Articles

In this section of our 15 year commemorative anniversary issue of the IPMA-USA Newsletter, we highlight notable and in some cases, industry-changing articles (selected from over 240 articles) that we've published from our members and friends. Some are from our founders and leaders. Some are from repeat contributors; some are from well-known experts. Some of these articles, from our early days, are usually only available to our members, in our Members Only archives.

Articles From IPMA-USA Founders and Leaders

checkmark Dr. Lew Ireland (deceased), Leader, Author, Friend and Coach, an influential contributor to global PM practice, and a key person in our founding, was our longest-serving President, and is an inspiration to us all:
       The Power of Projects: An Executive Read
       Small Project Lessons for Big Projects
       My First Project
checkmark Dr. Joel Carboni is IPMA-USA's President, and is a leader in the global Sustainabilikty in Project Management movement.
       Sustainability in Project Management
checkmark William Duncan, a co-founder, has had more beneficial impact on the practice of program and program management than any other person (in our opinion). He is a key contributor to all the leading certification standards, and continues to serve as our Director of Certification.
       The Future of Project Management
       Myths of Project Management Training.
checkmark Trevor Nelson, a past IPMA-USA Vice President, now serves as Chair for PM4NGOs, with a mission to sustain the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector
       Are You A Professional?
checkmark Stacy Goff, an international PPPM consultant, then co-founder and past President of IPMA-USA, was USA's representative to IPMA, then served as IPMA Vice President of Marketing & Events. He has written over 30 articles and 70 blog posts. In 2015 he was named an IPMA Honorary Fellow.
       Comparing PM Certifications: Which Is Best For You? 
       Project Levers and Gauges
       Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Project Talent
       Measuring & Managing Project Quality: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it
checkmark Morgan Henrie, a consultant and coach, has served as IPMA-USA Director of Marketing.
       S3 Management: The Stick, The Spring & The Shock Absorber.
checkmark Donna Fitzgerald, a key thinker for the practice of project, program and portfolio management, served as Director of Education.
       The Power of Permission
checkmark Edward J. Fern served IPMA-USA as Director of Education, and was 'the conscience of the organization.'
       See Part 2 of "How Words Limit Our Thinking.
checkmark Six Steps To The Future: How Mass Customization Is Changing Our World

Key Contributors, Members, and Friends of IPMA-USA

checkmark Peter Taylor, an accomplished PMO Manager and Speaker, contributed an entire series of insightful articles.
       Is Project Management a Core Skill and No Longer a Niche Capability? By .
checkmark Tim Herd contributed a series of over 100 articles on Leadership. He is now the Executive Director of a professional association.
       Visionary Achievement
checkmark Byatt, Hamilton, and Hodgkinson: This prolific trio attempted to write 100 widely-published articles in a several-year period. They got close, before reaching exhaustion. Duke Okes joins them on this example.
       Measuring the Value of a Program Management Office
checkmark The inscrutable Simon Harris is a deep-thinking and prolific author, who has contributed many useful articles. Thank you Simnon!
       The Breakdown Structure: 90% of how to manage projects safely
       The Breakdown Structure; Getting It Right: Part 2
checkmark Curt Finch is a smart guy, and a great author and speaker, who figured out that writing articles is a great way to promote his company, Journyx, Inc., which helps in project time and expense tracking.
       Is an Agile PMO Possible?
checkmark Pavan Kumar Gorakavi was an IPMA-USA Young Crew leader, who wrote an excellent seven-article series on different Agile PM Methods. The entire series remains available in our Members-Only website section.
       Build Your Project Using Scrum, #3 in a series on Agile Methods..
checkmark Russ Archibald is a prolific thought-leader and friend, who continues to contribute new insights, often by inspiring others to help research and publish the ideas. You rock, Russ!
       IPMA Paper, Project Categories and Life Cycle Models
       What CEOs Must Demand To Compete and Collaborate in 2005 (first published, 2001)

Thank you all, for moving our practice fast forward!



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