Major Responsibilities
1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Serves as an Officer of the Society.
3. Oversees the operations of the Society with the other Officers.
4. Signs legal documents, as required.
5. Manages the budget and financial operations of the Society.
6. Maintains or sees to the maintenance of all administrative operations of the Society.
7. Delivers an annual, fiscal year audit of the Society’s books.
8. Performs the Vice-President duties when the Vice-President is absent.
9. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Participates in Board meetings two or more times per year.
2. Serves as a Voting member of the IPMA-USA Governance team.
3. Coordinates finances and accounting with IPMA-USA's Certification organization.
4. Serves as the guardian of official files and records of the Society.
5. Receives, deposits, and disburses funds for the Society in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures.
6. Prepares an annual budget for the Society based on information received from Officers and Directors.
7. Submits reports to governmental agencies as required.

Term Of Office: July 2015-June 2019

Currently Serving, Secretary-Treasurer

Neville Goedhals