Introducing the PRO Standard

IPMA-USA is excited to offer PRO, an organizational assessment of PM Performance. PRO, the Performance Rated Organization standard, consists of the Standard, Assessor Guidance, a Recognized Assessor program, and the training needed to properly use the process. This is not just another maturity model, offering organizations of all sizes the opportunity to improve project and program performance.

In This Section

  1. Introducing the PRO standard (on this page)
  2. PRO is for Project-performing Organizations
  3. PRO is for Consultants
  4. PRO is for Educators
  5. Get the Published PRO Standard Now
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The Business Need

You know that if your resources are not properly applied, your organization is not “firing on all cylinders;” you are underperforming. And, the worst place for underperformance is in the disciplines for strategic change: project and program management.

What if you could…

  • Improve insight into all your initiatives that impact your organizational strategy.
  • Increase your ROI by more effectively applying resources across initiatives.
  • Enhance your chances of success by assuring management consistency on all initiatives.

The resulting impacts would improve your organization's performance, and ultimately, your bottom-line!

Our Solution

PRO LogoIntroducing PRO, the new standard for the Performance Rated Organization. PRO is an easy to use, independent project management (PM) organizational standard that produces more useful results, at a lower commitment of staff time and cost of assessment, than other options.

At the same time, a PRO assessment helps you identify your greatest strengths and current gaps in organization PM performance. Armed with assessment results you can rapidly make more effective decisions that increase overall organizational performance.

Ok, you say, "We've heard all this before! During the 1990s, when we tried the popular PM assessments, we lost a month's work —and our managers will never succumb to that level of distraction and irrelevant results!"

What Makes PRO Different?

  • A pure performance standard.
  • Evaluates results rather than process.
  • An open model that can be customized.
  • Less time and fewer resources required to complete an assessment.

Comparing PRO to Maturity Models and other PM Assessments
Maturity Models and proprietary Project Management Assessments have proliferated over the last 25 years. Members of the PRO team have been innovators and leaders in their use; they have served many organizations well. The PRO Standard moves beyond those efforts, to more efficiently and effectively recognize and improve PM Performance.

Among its distinctions, PRO offers:

  • Assessment of results, rather than inputs and processes.
  • A range of factors that affect PM Performance, other assessments may not consider, including Strategic Alignment of initiatives, and middle-management impact upon PM efforts.
  • A focus on PM Performance improvement factors throughout the model, not just at the preliminary levels.
  • Performance evaluation, not just assuring that processes are mature.
  • An accepted Standard, not just an organization's proprietary model (while some of the PRO team members have used their own proprietary models for decades, and shared their insights with us all).

We invite you to explore the rest of this PRO section to see how your organization can benefit from PM Performance recognition and improvement!

If you wish to participate in PRO as an Assessed Organization, or as a Recognized Assessor, contact our PRO team.

Available Now

The PRO Standard is available now. The rationale for the new standard is this: Even with the advanced certifications of Project and Program Managers that IPMA-USA offers, together with the entry-level knowledge-based certifications offered by others, Organizational PM Performance requires more than competent, performing Project and Program Managers. PRO assesses and identifies the Units, Elements and Criteria that Performing Organizations demonstrate.

Who Can Benefit From PRO?

Are you a PRO or an amateur?