The 2010 Dialogue Webinar Series

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Our 2010 Dialogue Webinar series was produced by Tim Jaques, and Sponsored by Alex Brown's Real-Life Projects, Inc. Thanks Tim and Alex! Click an Event title link below to see more details.

Dialogue Event Title


1. Introducing the PRO Standard. Organizational Performance in Project Management Dino Eliadis, Tim Jaques, Bill Duncan
2. Perspectives on Project Success; Excellence in Project Management Tim Jaques, Frank Salidis
3. Which Animal In the PM Zoo Are You? Exploring Social Styles in Project Management Stacy Goff
4. The Wizard of Odds; Improving your chances of finding a competent PM Bill Duncan
5. The Vital Few; Putting PMO Resources to the Highest Priority Tim Jaques; Doug Lapham
6. The Seven Deadly Sins of Project Portfolio Management Bill Duncan
7. Four Opportunities to Improve Project Portfolio Perfomance; from the IPMA 2010 World Congress! Stacy Goff

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