Vice President

1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Serves as an Officer of the Society.
3. Champion for the IPMA-USA Strategy, and advocate of our Value Proposition.
4. Oversees the operations of the Society with the other Officers.
5. Serves as ambassador and Society focal point for interactions with other organizations.
6. Coordinates and tracks the planning and implementation of Directors’ actions, issues, and accomplishments.
7. Signs legal documents, as required.
8. Manages the Society’s elections process.
9. Serves in the place of the President in her or his absence.
10. Delegates or performs the Secretary duties when the Secretary is absent.
11. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties
1. Participates in Board activities two or more times per year.
2. Reports the progress, status, and projected completion of activities under his or her immediate control.
3. Sponsors or identifies a sponsor for all Society projects, committees, and task groups.
4. Assures proper planning and coordination within the Society of all projects, programs, and task groups.
5. Participates in projects, programs, and task groups as requested.

Term Of Office: Three Years

IPMA-USA Vice President

Goals for the IPMA-USA Vice President Position

Promote IPMA-USA, its ideals, and further establish its position as a catalyst for the advancement of project management through:

  • Working to ensure that our strategic goals, activities, and programs provide value to the project management community and advance the discipline.
  • Representing IPMA-USA as an IPMA member association and developing opportunities for collaboration with professional organizations.
  • Supporting the growth and development of our educational and standards programs.
  • Promoting our certification programs.
  • The development of new and innovative programs and services for our members.