What You Will See in Members Only

When you log in to the IPMA-USA website*, you arrive on our Home page; but, below the scolling banner, you see the headline, "Members Only Section," plus a list of five options.

* To our current members: if you have not logged into our website before and have troubles doing so, please contact us. You use the Member Login/Logout link at the top of most pages; for long-time members, your username is the part of your email address that is to the left of the @ sign. Because we used automatically-generated passwords when we moved current members from the old system, we recommend that you use the Forgot your password option to reset your password. That sends an email to your registered (with us) email address. To expired members: If your membership is expired, it is easiest to rejoin. Use the Join IPMA-USA link instead. 

Click the first of the five options, Welcome to IPMA-USA Members Only (exclusive benefits). You arrive at a new page that repeats the five options at the top, then continues with your member-only benefits, as follows:

As part of your exclusive IPMA-USAMember Benefits, this page shares references and tools to which members have special access. Please let us know what else you would like to see on this page!

This section replaces the former Members-Only LinkedIn group. We retain the regular (and active) IPMA-USA LinkedIn Group.


This list of Members-Only resources is a special benefit for our members. Take advantage of them!

1. Member-Only Access to selected articles from the original asapm website, 2001-2008. In addition to the many articles from the previous five years on our current website, members have access to the best articles of our first eight years.

2. Five weeks of PM Curriculum from the World Bank PM Curriculum: World Bank PM Curriculum.
IPMA-USA co-founder Bob Youker helped to originally create this World Bank PM curriculum, and has now helped to make it available for IPMA-USA and other IPMA Member Associations. The curriculum includes a range of modules, with slides, exercises, facilitator guides, and additional support materials; all of which can be used in stand-alone mode for an individual, in a custom extract, or in the entire five-week curriculum.

3. A Monograph and Methodology for improved PM methods: PM Methods Improvement Plan.

While a perfectly obvious concept, most organizations fail to apply project management methods in their pm performance improvement initiatives. Instead, they fall back to the same weak processes that cause their other projects to fail. So in 1990 we wrote this methodology for pm methods improvement. Originally written in support of Information Technology projects, it is overkill for simple projects, yet adaptable for other practice areas. It has been used by thousands of organizations to measurably improve their pm performance.

Competence Enabler logo4. See and join, at no cost, our listings of Competence Enablers!
All current and active IPMA-USA members are eligible to list your pm services in the Competence Enablers section, at no cost. Whether it is your own company, or you are an employee of a project services corporation or university, you can list, given your current IPMA-USA membership, as a Competence Enabler. Doesn't it make sense to work with others who understand the competence difference?

Do you have something else you'd like to see in Members Only? Do you have something else to offer to IPMA-USA members? Contact our Webmaster!