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Meet the IPMA-USA Board of Directors

Office   Officer   Term
 President   Michael Pace
 July 2021 — June 2024 
 Vice President   vacant  July 2019 — June 2022 
 Treasurer   Neil Goldman
 Oct. 2018 — June 2022 
 President Emeritus 
  Joel Carboni 
 July 2021 — June 2024 
 Director of Certification 
  Bill Duncan  
 Director of Professional Services 
  Aniruddha Rajendra 
 July 2021 — June 2024 
 Director of Marketing 
 July 2021 — June 2022 
 Director of Young Crew    Vacant  July 2021 — June 2024 
 Director of Membership
  Stephen Lynn

For general questions, please contact

For certification questions, please contact Certification Operations

Please note, our officers and team members are all volunteers with other time demands which may impact response times.

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