Recertification Requirements and Process

Recertification Requirements

Unlike most Certifying Bodies, IPMA and IPMA-USA require that our advanced certificate holders (Levels A, B, and C) continue to practice actively at the level where they were certified. So one key requirement for recertification is that you have spent at least 50% of your time since your most recent certification working at the applicable level of management complexity.

For Levels A, B, and C, this means at least 3,500 hours managing projects, programs, or portfolios at or above the minimum required management complexity for that level. For Level D, you need at least 3,500 hours doing project-related work.

You must apply for recertification with 6 months, before or after, the expiration date of your prior certification. We will try to notify you, but the obligation to apply within this window is yours.

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The Recertification Application asks for:

  • A summary of your relevant work since certification
  • A list of professional development activities since certification
  • Self-assessment against the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4)
  • A current resume and 2 professional references

Some recertification candidates will be interviewed either through random selection or because of deficiencies in their application.

Recertification Process

You can only be recertified at the same level as your current certification. The recertification process is outlined in the charts below.

Download your application and its supporting documents here: Recertification Application.

If you have any questions, you can Contact Certification Applications.

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