Corporate and Government Executives

You know that McKinsey & Co. says, “the best companies have the best project managers.” You also know that projects, programs, and portfolios are the delivery mechanisms for your strategic initiatives.

You know that strength in project, program, and portfolio management is necessary for your organization to survive and prosper. You know which managers are capable of delivering results and which ones are not.

Or do you?

Some may have proven their worth in the past. But were they skilled or just lucky? Did they succeed because of their own talents or because of the skills of the staff assigned to them?

Projects, programs, and even portfolios may be less than successful due to reasons beyond your control, but there is no reason to guess about the competence of your P3 managers.

IPMA-USA, through our independent Certification Board, offers advanced certifications for project, program, and portfolio managers. Our certification assessments are:

  • Performance-based. We look at the actual, on-the-job performance of your managers. We examine their documentary evidence and conduct an intensive, face-to-face interview to verify that they understood what they were doing and why.
  • Done by experienced project, program, and portfolio managers. Each of our assessors has years of experience as a project, program, or portfolio manager. Their expertise complements our structured assessment process.
  • Internationally recognized. Our certification credentials are recognized by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). IPMA has certified more individuals as project, program, and portfolio managers than any other organization in the world.
  • Compatible with your approach to managing projectsWe evaluate results, not compliance with a proprietary standard. We accept your forms, your tools, your processes.
  • The best value for the money. Other PPPM credentials typically require 35-40 hours of training that can add thousands of dollars to the true cost of ownership. And most experts recommend another 40-50 hours of personal study which further increases the real cost of other credentials.

Let us help you ensure that you have competent, qualified people implementing your strategy!

Contact us about scheduling an assessment for the project, program, and portfolio managers in your organization. Click here for an overview of our certification program.