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Certification Program Overview

Become Recognized as a Professional Through IPMA Certification

  • Do you want international recognition as a project, program or portfolio professional? Do you want to be assessed on your current competence level and be internationally certified?
  • Do you want to employ or hire a project, programme or portfolio manager who has proved to be competent?
  • Do you want to know how you can improve your competences as a professional project, program or portfolio manager?
What Level Is Right for You?

 If You Are...
What's entailed...

An experienced senior manager, program manager, or manager of project managers IPMA® Level A Report, experience-summary, management complexity ratings,  interview, self-assessment

An experienced senior project, program, or portfolio manager IPMA® Level B Report, experience-summary, management complexity ratings, oral exam, interview, self-assessment

An experienced project manager IPMA® Level C Experience-summary, management complexity ratings, written exam with 12 short-answer questions, interview, self-assessment

Interested in the discipline of project management IPMA® Level D Written exam with 10 short-answer questions and 60 multiple-choice questions, self-assessment

Not sure what level you qualify for Pre-Screen None

Recertification All levels Self-assessment, experience-summary, report of continuing professional development

For those who are curious about how IPMA's offerings compare to other project management certifications, see Comparing PM Certifications.

If you already know what level you want to apply for, click here to download your application form.

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